Having a good weapon combination is the key to victory in PUBG Mobile. Check out the top 5 weapon combinations in this game here with Gurugamer.com.

M416 & AWM

This is the no.1 gun combo in this game that includes the most stable and reliable AR and the most powerful sniper. With this beast weapon combo, you can deal with short, medium, and long-range combat.

The Base Damage Of Two Guns In This Combo
The Base Damage Of Two Guns In This Combo

With M416, you can spray bullets and eliminate enemies in close-quarter combat or tap in burst mode to take down enemies in mid-range fights. The God-tier sniper AWM helps you knock down the enemies in with long-distance in only one head-shot.

Mk14 & M416

The next recommended gun combo includes Mk14, the beast DMR in PUBG Mobile. It's also the most versatile DMR with two firing modes of auto and single. Therefore, you can use it to spray bullets in auto mode and tap to deal with long-range fights. However, you need to attach a compensator and an extended quickdraw mag to reduce the gun recoil and increase ammo capacity.

Mk14 And M416
Mk14 And M416 Dominate All Ranges Of Fight

Mk14 has a very high rate of fire which is 0.09s. Therefore, it can shoot 11 bullets per second and cause a very high DPS of 678. Therefore, Mk14 is a deadly gun in all ranges of engagement. But it has a very high recoil rate. So, you need an M416 to support when needed.

Mk14 & Beryl M762

In case you cannot grab an Mk14 for close-range elimination, Beryl M762 can be a replacement. M762 is often underestimated because of its huge recoil. M762 is very hard to control due to great vertical and horizontal recoils. However, Beryl is better than AKM to some extent, especially for the close-range clutch.

Beryl M762 Attachments
Best Attachments For Beryl M762

You need a compensate, extended quickdraw mag, vertical grip, and red-dot to make Beryl a deadly weapon in close combat. With this set of attachments, it's less recoil than AKM. Moreover, Beryl is better than most of the ARs in destroying vehicles. Besides, M416 is still the best choice to make a perfect gun combo. However, it's only the best combo for fraggers because you cannot deal with enemies at long-range.

Groza Can Be A Better Version To Replace Beryl
Groza Can Be A Better Version To Replace Beryl

UZI & DP-28

UZI is the best SMG in PUBG Mobile with the highest rate of fire. It can shoot over 25 bullets in less than one second. That's why it's extremely OP in close-range combat. Moreover, it's very stable and reliable with very low recoil. Therefore, it's the best choice for close-quarter fights due to its super high DPS.

Uzi Is Op Gun In Close Combat
Uzi Is An OP Gun In Close Combat

But UZI is only useful in the close range, so DP-28 can be the secondary weapon for the medium range. This LMG is highly recommended due to its stability and high damage points. DP-28 has an identical damage point as the AKM. You can use it to deal with enemies at the medium range and also the long-range with the single tap fire.

M249 & DP-28

The spawning rate of the LMG M249 is pretty higher than other rare weapons like AWM or Mk14. Therefore, you can find it more often in the airdrop. This can be a weird combo because both of the guns are LMG, but it will be a deadly combo in the hand of fraggers. M249 has the highest DPS in this game. Therefore, it's a beast weapon in close combat.

M249 And Dp 28
M249 And DP-28 is a beast combo of two LMGs

However, M249 is very bad in medium and long-range engagements. Therefore, you need a DP-28 as a secondary weapon. This LMG combo will definitely blow your mind. Moreover, you don't need to find many attachments for these weapons because they only need scopes and have no attachment slot for the mag.

M249 Has A Bipod
M249 Has A Bipod For You To Prone And Shoot