PUBG Mobile M249 and DP-28 are two main Light Machine Guns. Both of them are beast weapon with very huge power. But which one is better? Let's compare and pick up the suitable one for you.


DP-28 has pretty low recoil and high damage. So, you can use it to spray bullets in medium and long-range combat. Its verticle recoil is only half of M416's recoil. That's why this LMG is the easiest weapon to control. Besides, it also has less recoil than M249.

Dp 28 Gun Recoil Is Low
The Gun Recoil of DP-28 Is Low

The beast weapon M249 has a super high rate of fire and the highest DPS among all weapons in this game. However, it's also a hard-to-handle gun with unpredictable horizontal recoil.

M249 Has Unpredictable Horizontal Recoil
M249 Has Unpredictable Horizontal Recoil

But in ten first bullets, it nearly has zero horizontal recoils and very low verticle recoil. Therefore, you should take down the enemy quickly in the first 10 bullets. Hence, M249 is better for close range while DP-28 is better for short and mid-range engagements.


Both of these LMGs are powerful but they have different statistics. When comparing the damage of those guns, we can conclude that M249 is more powerful than DP-28.

Dp28 Power
The base damage, rate of fire, and bullet speed of DP-28.
M249 Power
M249 Power: base damage, rate of fire, and bullet speed

Obviously, the M249 has lower base damage to the head and body than DP-28. It's because DP-28 uses 7.62mm ammo, so it produces a higher bullet penetration. However, M249 has a higher bullet speed and rate of fire. In one second, the DP-28 can shoot 9 bullets while the M249 can shoot 13 bullets. Therefore, the DPS of M249 is better.

Ammo Capacity & Reload Duration

Both these Light Machine Guns have no attachment slot for the mag. So, let's compare the default bullet magazine of M249 and DP-28.

M249 Has Biggest Ammo Capacity
M249 Has The Biggest Ammo Capacity In This Game

The mag size of DP-28 is 47 while M249's mag size is up to 100. Therefore, it takes more time to reload than DP-28. The reload duration of DP-28 is 5.4s while it's 8.1s in M249.