PUBG Mobile Designed Marksman Rifle (DMR) is a special weapon category that combines the features of ARs and SRs. That's why DMRs are the most favorite weapons of pro players. Pocket these pro tips to master these guns here with

PUBG Mobile DMR Tips And Guide

DMRs have a shorter effective range and lower damage than SRs but you can tap to shoot the enemy at long distances. Moreover, DMRs surpass ARs in the range of combat. These weapons are the best guns for mid-range combat with a larger clip than SRs. Besides, it's also the best choice for moving targets at a medium range.

Pubg Mobile Dmr
DMR is a combination of SR and AR

Shooting Tips

There are 3 ways you can use DMRs to shoot:

  • Claw Finger Tapping: Use the index finger to tap the fire button quickly. It's suitable for both gyro and non-gyro players. Practice tapping fast.
  • Thumb Finger Tapping: Use the thumb finger to tap the fire button. This method is only suitable for gyro players because you cannot use your thumb to turn your camera and control the recoil.
Pubg Mobile Mini 14
Practice And Tap Rapidly
  • Jitter Tapping: It's the fastest and hardest way to shoot with DMRs. You don't tap but shake your phone so that the phone screen touch your direct finger. Meanwhile, you can use your thumb to control the gun recoil. It's suitable for non-gyro players. If the gyro players use this method, their phone screen will shake a lot.

Choose The Best DMR For You

You need to understand every DMR and pick up your favorite gun to use. Here are some brief details of those DMRs.

  • Mini-14: the most favorite DMR of PUBG Mobile players because it's more stable ad reliable than other DMRs. It's also the only DMR that uses 5.56mm ammo. Besides, it also has the highest bullet speed and the largest ammo capacity in this weapon category. It's also the best choice to take down the moving target at long distances. The best muzzle attachment for it would be a flash hider or suppressor.
Mini 14
Mini-14 is the most favorite DMR of PUBG Mobile players.
  • SKS is the most popular 7.62 DMR in PUBG Mobile. You should find a compensator to reduce the gun recoil of it. Besides, attach a light grip for SKS. If you want to use it for quick-fire and lower verticle recoil, you need a verticle grip. SKS is more stable than SLR.
SKS is the most popular 7.62 DMR
  • SLR has higher recoil than SKS but it has the highest damage in all DMRs. But it's pretty hard to control. Therefore, you need to attach a compensator to reduce gun recoil. Besides, you need to shoot constantly to shoot more accurately.
SLR has higher recoil and damage than SKS
  • QBU is the exclusive DMR in Sanhok, which replaces the Mini-14 in this map. Therefore, its features are pretty similar to those of Mini-14.
QBU is the exclusive DMR in Sanhok.
  • Mk14 is the most powerful and rarest DMR in PUBG Mobile. It's only spawned in the airdrop. In addition, its recoil is also highest due to the super high rate of fire. Unlike the rest of DMRs, Mk14 has two firing modes of single and full-auto. Therefore, you can use it to spray bullets in short-range combat.
Mk14 is the most powerful and rarest DMR

Tips To Shoot With DMRs

  • Don't spend too much time aiming and shooting at snipers because they can take you down in a shot with their bolt-action sniper.
  • Grab an AR or SMG as the secondary weapon to fight with close-quarter enemies.
Mini14 And M416
Combine a DMR and an AR
  • Always find a 4x, 6x, or 8x scope to attach for these DMRs.
  • Use SLR or Mk14 to headshot as a bolt-action sniper with single shots to shoot accurately.
  • Try to tap as fast as possible to increase the DPS rate of them.