PUBG Mobile Mk14 and Groza are two rare 7.62 weapons which are only spawned in the airdrop. But which gun is better? Let's compare and choose a beast weapon here with

PUBG Mobile Groza Vs Mk14

Mk14 and Groza are the two most powerful 7.62 guns for bullet spraying in PUBG Mobile. Besides, these two guns are only spawned in the airdrop. Sometimes, you get confused when the airdrop brings you both of them. Just compare and pick up the more suitable gun for you.

Mk14 is OP

Power & Recoil

Mk14 has higher base damage than that of Groza. The base damage of Mk14 is 60 while it's 48 in Groza. Moreover, the bullet speed of Mk14 (853m/s) is also much higher than Groza (715m/s). Furthermore, the damage per second of Mk14 is also higher. It's about 782.22 HP/s in Mk14 and 646.25 HP/s. Therefore, the DMR Mk14 is more powerful although the rate of fire of Groza is better. Due to the high firing rate, Mk14 is more recoil than Groza.

Groza is the most powerful AR in PUBG Mobile

Effective Range

The effective range of Groza is between 100 to 400m. Besides, the effective range of Mk14 is from 100 to 800m. Obviously, Mk14 has a larger effective range. Therefore, it's more versatile than Groza. You can use the Groza for close and mid-range combat. However, this AR is very weak in long-range engagements. Therefore, Mk14 would be a better choice because it can deal with close fights and also long-range engagements.

Groza Is More Stable
Groza Is More Stable

Ammo Capacity, Reload Duration, & Attachments

The ammo capacity of Groza is better than Mk14. Without an extended mag, the ammo capacity of Groza is 30 and that of Mk14 is only 10. When you attach an extended mag to these guns, this statistic increases to 40 in Groza and 20 in Mk14.

Mk14 Statistics
Mk14 Statistics

The reload duration of Groza is 3s (empty mag) or 2.25s (with some bullets left). Meanwhile, it's higher in Mk14 which is 3.863s (empty mag) and 2.783s (with some bullets left). Besides, the best muzzle attachment for Groza is a suppressor and compensator for Mk14.