FPP is the most popular competition format of professional PUBG Mobile tournaments, such as PMCO, PMPL, PEL, etc. It's much harder than the TPP mode. Here are some PUBG Mobile FPP tips we learned from the MVPs of those tournaments.

Top PUBG Mobile FPP Tips

Chinese players often have a lot of mind-blowing skills and tips to clear enemies. PEL Season one 2021 is taking place with the main competition format of FPP. Check out some tips to win this game mode from MVPs in this PUBG Mobile tournament.

  • Always use smoke when reviving teammate, being rushed in houses, and engaging in open combat. The perspective area in FPP mode is more limited. Therefore, you should use some smoke to make a cover so that you won't get shot from other directions in open fights.
Use Smoke In Open Combat
Pro Players Often Use Smoke In Open Combat To Cover Some Blind Corners.
  • Use hip-fire in close combat and face-to-fact combat. You shouldn't waste a second opening scope because the opponent can knock you down right away in one second only. Moreover, hip-fire crosshair in FPP is more accurate than TPP.
Pel Fpp Tips
It's better to use hip fire in close combat.
  • Keep moving while checking the surrounding areas or looting death crates. If you stand still, one accurate AWM headshot will finish your game.
  • Loot as many Molotovs and frag grenades as possible to rush or confirm kills safely. It's very risky to rush to confirm knocked players in FPP mode.

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Pel Mvp Uses Grenades
PEL pro players use a lot of frag grenades during combat.
  • Keep communicating with teammates and give him your back. You should stand with your backs to your teammate's back to have a 360-degree view.
  • Never concentrate your team in one house. Occupy some nearby houses to cover and support each other in time.
Pro Rushing Tips In Pubg Mobile
Keep communicating with teammates when rushing houses.
  • If the last circle shrinks in open lands, the ones in higher locations will have more advantages.
  • Pre-fire when rushing if you know the exact locations of the enemy.
Do Not Turn Back To Your Enemy
Do Not Turn Back To Your Enemy
  • Don't turn back to your enemy when you fall back like in TPP mode. You cannot spot enemies behind you, so you don't know whether enemies chase to kill you while you give him your back. Always face the enemies and get ready to reflex when you fall back to your team's location.
  • Keep moving when shooting from a window or you will be an easy target for other enemies. Besides, prone to reload or heal when you combat from behind a window.

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