PUBG Mobile has introduced a new map Karakin. Here are some must-know PUBG Mobile Karakin tips to play and get Chicken Dinner on this new map.

#1. Landing

The new map Karakin has a lot of new features, such as ticky bombs, PanzerFaust, new terrains, breakable walls, and a lot of mysterious bunkers. Firstly, you should get used to the new map and its new features. Then, learn how to win on this map. This map is very small. It's even smaller than Livik. Therefore, the best distance to jump is 350m because you will land on the ground very quickly.

Best Distance To Jump
The Best Distance To Jump Is 350m And You Drop Very Quickly.

#2. PanzerFaust

PanzerFaust is a rocket launcher. This exclusive weapon is extremely dangerous and deadly. As it's only spawned in Karakin, PanzerFaust is also the key to get Chicken Dinner on this map. The game developers won't add it to this map for no reason. In the last circles, you probably play in the center of the map which is full of high rock mountains and deep valleys.

Panzerfaust New Weapon
PanzerFaust is a powerful rocket launcher.

This rocket launcher will help you clear campers in those valleys quickly, safely, and effectively without having to rush. You can knock or clear a team with one shot only when enemies gather in one place. It can knock enemies within a 5-meter radius. Don't aim at the target in a mid-range fight because you may miss the shot when they move. Instead, aim near the enemy.

Blast off an enemy team with the PanzerFaust.

In close combat, aim at the target's body and fire. You also get a 25HP loss when staying too close to the target. Unlike frag grenade, PanzerFaust cannot knock your teammate down. However, it also causes a 25HP loss to them. There are three different iron sights for different ranges of shots, including 50m, 100m, and 150m. It means that the maximum effective range of this new weapon is 150m.

Breakable walls
Break This Wall With A Sticky Bomb And Enter The Secret Room

This rare weapon can only be found in secret rooms in underground bunkers. Therefore, you need to collect some sticky bombs before exploring the bunkers and find the rocket launcher. Find a breakable wall and break it with another sticky bomb to enter the secret room and get the PanzerFaust. Sometimes, don't need to enter the secret room to find it. You can find this weapon when looting airdrop.

#3. Secret Bunkers

This new map has unique bunkers for players to explore. The bunkers with flags will have an underground tunnel with secret rooms and a lot of loots. The bunkers without a flag do not have loots. But you can hide there to survive. Most bunkers are located in the center of the map. If you find an opened bunker, be careful because enemies can hide can camp around to kill you.

Karakin Secret Bunker
A bunker with this door and a flag at the door has a lot of loots.

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#4. Sticky Bomb

It works pretty similarly to frag grenade on other maps. You also throw it to the location of enemies to kill them with an explosion. However, it has an alarm sound, so enemies will have a few seconds to flee away from the effective range of the bomb. Moreover, you cannot cook it. It's more effective in break walls and bunker doors. The effective radius of a sticky bomb is 4m. Hence, stay about 5m away from the bomb if you use it to open bunkers or secret rooms.

Sticky Bombs
Sticky Bombs Are More Effective In Breaking Walls And Doors Than Killing Enemies.

#5. Red Zone

The best way to survive in the red zone on this map is to stay away from it. You can still die even when staying inside houses because the bomb will break some random houses and buildings inside the red zone. Therefore, if you are near the border of the red zone, try to run out of it as quickly as possible. If you cannot run away from it, stay outside and pray. You will be less to die when staying outside houses and buildings. If you are near a bunker in the red zone, head down to the underground tunnel to survive.

Run Away From Red Zone
Try To Run Away From Red Zone To Save Your Life

#6. Survival Tips

To survive in PUBG Mobile Karakin, you need totally new tactics. Always take advantage of high grounds, such as rooftops and mountains when you hide, camp, or even move. Don't stay too close to walls when you hide inside houses and buildings because the gun will be lagged through walls and reveal your position. Moreover, enemies can easily shoot through walls and kill you. They can also blast you off with a sticky bomb or rocket launcher.

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