The new Karakin map in PUBG Mobile has just arrived at PUBG Mobile on April 7 to replace Vikendi. This map will include a bunch of new features, weapons, and mechanics, for players to try out. This new map will offer players a completely new battle royale experience with its arrival.

Karakin Pubg Mobile
The new Karakin map has arrived PUBG Mobile with a brands new battle royale experience

New PUBG Mobile Karakin map features

Here are things you need to know about the new Karakin map in PUBG Mobile before jumping into it:

  • Karakin is a small map with a size of 2x2 km. It has the same terrain as Miramar but with small towns and more rocks.
Karakin Map
The size of the new Karakin map is only 2x2 km
  • There will be 64 players on Karakin each match.
  • Instead of the Red Zone, Karakin will have the Demolition Zone. The Demolition Zone has a smaller area than the Red Zone but the Demolition Zone can destroy buildings so it is best for players to stay out of this zone.
Demolition Zone Pubg
The Demolition Zone can destroy buildings in its area
  • There will be the Sticky Bomb instead of the Frag Grenade. The Sticky Bomb can stick to any surface and explode after a short time. The Sticky Bomb can destroy buildings' walls and uncover hidden tunnels.
Sticky Bomb
The Sticky Bomb can stick on to any surface and explode after a few seconds
  • You will find thin walls that can be shot through inside buildings around the map.
  • New Panzerfaust rocket launcher, which is a one-time use weapon. It fires a rocket that explodes in a 6 m radius. The rocket can deal damage through thin walls and small covers. It also destroys buildings' walls.
Pubg Mobile Rocket Launcher
The new Panzerfaust rocket launcher in Karakin

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