Karakin map has come with a lot of new features, such as a new rocket launcher, bunkers, breakable walls, sticky bombs, and new game tactics. The new exclusive weapon is the key factor to win in this map. Check out how to use PanzerFäust in PUBG Mobile here.

What Is PanzerFäust In PUBG Mobile?

PanzerFäust is an exclusive weapon on the new map Karakin in PUBG Mobile. As normal, the exclusive weapon will be very useful in its exclusive map. It's a rocket launcher that can launch a rocket to enemies and blast them off with explosions.

Panzerfust Pubg Mobile
PanzerFaust is a new exclusive weapon on the new map Karakin in PUBG Mobile.

This powerful weapon is pretty rare on this map because it's so insane. You can kill an enemy within a 4-meter radius of impact. Sometimes, you can even knock the enemies within a 5-meter radius of the explosion. However, you and your teammate will get a 25% HP loss if you stay inside the effective range of the rocket explosion.

Karakin Tips
You should find and use this exclusive weapon to get Chicken Dinner.

It works pretty similarly to frag grenades in other maps. However, you don't need to cook like when using grenades. The maximum range of this rocket launcher is 150m. There are three marks in the iron sight of PanzerFäust for users to aim and fire, including 60m, 100m, and 150m. When he is too close to you, you can shoot without aiming.

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Maximum Range Of Rocket Launcher
The maximum range of the Rocket Launcher is 150m, so it's effective in close fights.

The rocket will explode right after it drops on the ground or hit the target. Therefore, you don't need the timing skill like when throwing the frag grenade. Just aim and fire. Then, the rocket will explode right when it reaches the target. Thus, it's pretty useful and easy to use. When you use this rocket launcher properly, you can blast some teams off and get Chicken Dinner easily.

Where To Find PanzerFäust In Karakin?

The spawning rate of this rare weapon is obviously low. You can hardly get it when looting on the ground or inside normal houses around the map. It often appears in the airdrops, underground tunnels, and secret rooms. Here are some places where you can find this powerful rocket launcher on this new map.

Panzerfaust In Secret Rooms
You can find a Panzerfaust in some secret rooms around the map.
  • In airdrops: You can find a PanzerFäust in the airdrop. You will always find a rocket launcher in the airdrop.
  • Secret rooms: Players can find some secret rooms in small houses. It's called secret rooms because there is no door to enter those rooms. Therefore, players can easily ignore those secret rooms.  If you see a paper wall, break it with a sticky bomb to enter the room and get a lot of good loots, including the PanzerFäust.
Underground Tunnel
You can also find a rocket launcher in the underground tunnels under these bunkers.
  • Underground tunnels: This new map has many bunkers. Some of them have underground tunnels with a lot of good loots. Sometimes, you can also find a PanzerFaust in those tunnels. However, not all of the bunkers on this map have underground tunnels. If you find a bunker with a flag at door, it has an underground tunnel to explore and loot. You also need a sticky bomb to break the door of the tunnel inside the bunker to enter.

When you grab a PanzerFäust, you have only one weapon slot left for your favorite weapon. Therefore, make sure you know how to use this rocket launcher effectively. Let's check out some pro tips and tricks to use PanzerFäust in PUBG Mobile below.

How To Use PanzerFäust In Karakin?

This weapon is pretty easy to use. However, you need to know how to use this rocket launcher with maximum power. Here are some tips and tricks to use this weapon effectively.

  • Use this rocket launcher as a secondary weapon and keep an AR or SMG to deal with instant combat.
Use Rocket Launcher To Camp
Use Rocket Launcher To Camp And Kill Enemies In A Close Fight.
  • Be aware of the range of combat. To know how far the target is, you can use the primary weapon to aim and ping the target. Then, the distance between him and you is displayed in the point of ping. You can use the rocket launcher to cause damage to the opponent or kill him if he is less than 150m away from you.
Use Sticky Bombs
Loot some sticky bombs to break paper walls and enter secret rooms to loot rocker launchers.
  • The damage also depends on the location of the explosion and distance to the target. If the enemy is far from the drop location of the rocket, he will get less damage. Therefore, you should aim at the ground near the target. If you aim at the body of the target, you can miss the shot when he moves to dodge.
Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher can be used only once, so you shouldn't miss any shot.
  • You only have one chance to fire with the PanzerFäust. If you miss the shot, you have to find another rocket launcher to use. This weapon can be used only once.
  • It's most useful in house camping. You can camp on the top of the staircase on the second floor and wait until enemies rush. Then, fire when they appear in the staircase. You will get only a 25HP loss when staying inside the area of impact.
Use The Iron Sight
Adjust the iron sight to aim and fire.

Those are things you need to know about PanzerFäust in PUBG Mobile. You should make use of this exclusive weapon to get Chicken Dinner on this new map.

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