AKM is one of the most powerful and popular assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. It's also a favorite weapon of pro players in this shooting game due to its great power. Check out some tips and best attachments for AKM PUBG Mobile here with Gurugamer.com.

PUBG Mobile AKM Best Attachments

This powerful AR has three attachment slots, including bullet magazine, muzzle, and scope. As we all know, AKM's recoil is very high. Therefore, you need proper attachments to make it easier to control. Check out the best attachments for AKM in PUBG Mobile here.

Akm Close Combat
AKM s one of the best weapons for close combat.

#1. Muzzle

The best muzzle for this powerful AR must be a compensator because it helps reduce the vertical recoil of AKM. As mentioned, this gun has the greatest recoil in PUBG Mobile. Moreover, its vertical recoil is higher than most assault rifles in this game, such as Beryl M762, M416, SCAR-L, etc.

Akm Glacier
A compensator must be the best muzzle attachment for AKM that helps you control this gun better.

Sometimes, it's pretty hard to find a compensator in some medium-loot spots in this game. Then, you can use a flash hider. This muzzle is the second-best choice for AKM. Although it helps reduce both vertical and horizontal recoil and hide the gun flash, it cannot limit the vertical recoil as effectively as the compensator.

Akm Bullets
You can kill an enemy quickly with only a few accurate bullets from your AKM.

You shouldn't use the suppressor for this gun if you cannot control it well. Only pro players can use that muzzle to reduce the gun sound because they can easily control this weapon. Moreover, you sometimes will feel as if the suppressor makes the gun more recoil.

#2. Mag

One of the best PUBG AKM's best attachments is the quick-draw extended mag. It's also one of the best attachments for almost all PUBG Mobile weapons, including SMGs, semi-snipers, some bolt-action snipers, and ARs. This mag helps increase the mag size by 2 to 10 bullets, based on the weapon category. For example, AR quick-draw extended mag increases the mag size AKM and some other ARs from 30 to 40 bullets. Moreover, the reload duration is also reduced.

Extended Mag
Players can use an extended mag if they cannot find a quick-draw extended mag.

Alternatively, you can use an extended mag if you cannot find a quick-draw extended mag. Many players will ask why the extended mag is more suggested for AKM than quick-draw mag. The answer is its effect and use of AKM. You will mostly use AKM to spray bullets in close fights. Therefore, the more bullets you fire in an ammo load, the more chance to kill the enemy.

Best Attachments For Close Combat
This Is The Best Attachment Combo Of AKM For Close Combat In PUBG Mobile.

Meanwhile, the quick-draw mag only helps reduce the reload duration which seems to be useless in close combat. Especially, aggressive players and fraggers often use an SMG or another AR as the secondary weapon. In close combat, you had better switch to use that secondary weapon instead of wasting time reloading bullets and give the opponent a good chance to kill you.

#3. Scope

You have to choose the proper scope based on the range of combat. For example, if you use this gun in face-to-face fights, you should use a red dot. If the target is about 10m from you, a 2x scope will help you aim better with lower recoil. In mid-range combat, 3x scope is a bit better than 4x scope because it's clear enough but this scope doesn't cause screen shake too much. You should think carefully before using AKM in mid-range combat because the screen will shake a lot and you can hardly spray bullets accurately.

Akm With Holo
You should equip a red dot or holographic scope to AKM for close combat.

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Must-know Guide For PUBG Mobile AKM

Apart from the best attachments for AKM PUBG Mobile, you also need a full guide on how to control and use this weapon effectively. It's one of the best weapons for close combat, especially when the target is about 3 - 10 meters from you.

  • In sudden face-to-face combat, hip-fire is the best way to react. With only 4 to 6 accurate bullets, you can easily knock down an enemy. Then, keep moving to confirm the kill or wait for his teammates to come to clear the whole squad.
Akm Hipfire
Hip-fire is the best way to react in face-to-face combat like this.
  • AKM is not a good choice for moving targets because of the great recoil and a low rate of fire. If you use AKM to spray bullets to moving targets like cars or motorbikes, it's just a waste of time. Especially, when the car moves far from you, it's very hard to shoot accurately. In that situation, you should use a more stable AR, such as AUG A3 or M416 to spray bullets with low recoil and a high rate of fire.
Akm Moving Targets
It's pretty hard to use AKM to spray bullets to moving targets like cars or motorbikes.
  • Next, you have to choose a secondary weapon based on your role, game style, and strategy. Aggressive players or tankers should use AKM with an SMG like Micro UZI or Vector. Another AR is also a good choice, such as Beryl M762, M416, or Groza. If you are good snipers, AKM will be the primary weapon for close combat and a semi-sniper like SLR and SKS can be a good combo in small maps like Sanhok or Livik. In larger maps like Vikendi, Erangel, and Miramar, the new bolt-action sniper Mosin Nagant or M24 can be ideal guns.
Akm And Kar98k
Pro players often combine AKM And Kar98k to deal with all short, mid, and long-range combat.

Those are the best attachments for AKM PUBG Mobile and some tips to use this AR in PUBG Mobile. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guide for gamers, let's visit our website.