PUBG Mobile rank and K/D are two important statistics to level up. However, it's pretty hard to increase both of them. Therefore, you should choose one of them to focus on ranking up. Which one is more valuable to rank up?

PUBG Mobile Rank Or K/D

From a professional perspective, Rank or RP level does not represent your skills and talents in this shooting game. However, your K/D ratio tells others how pro you are. K/D ratio describes how well you aim, shoot, and survive in this game. Moreover, your skills will also be improved if you focus on increasing the K/D ratio.

Push Kd Is More Important
Pushing K/D Is More Important

In addition, when your skills are improved, you can play better and survive longer. Then, your rank will also increase automatically. Obviously, Conqueror players often have higher K/D ratios than players will Platinum or Gold tier. Furthermore, if you kill more players, you will get more points in the rank points to increase your tier.

Engage To Improve Your Kd And Skills
Engage To Improve Your Kd And Skills

However, some players with high tiers such as ACE still have low K/D ratios. Those players only focus on surviving. They don't engage aggressively and avoid all combat if they can so that they won't die soon due to making mistakes during gunfights.

Your Better Skills Your Higher Rank
Your rank will also increase automatically after improving your skills in combat.

In conclusion, your rank doesn't matter or represent your skills. If you want to increase your tier without caring about your K/D ratio, you can find a safe place inside the play zone and camp until the end of the match to get EXP and survival points. Besides, you need a combo of powerful weapons.

Focus In Kd
Y0u Should Focus On K/D.

If you can want to increase your K/D ratio and improve your skill, don't hesitate to land on hot-drop locations, engage in any fights, and kill enemies and bots. When your skills and game sense get better, you can clear maps, increase your K/D, and also rank up. Therefore, you should focus on K/D.

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