PUBG Mobile has introduced a new vehicle that has been anticipated for a long time: the motor glider. Check out this guide on how to fly it and some tips to use this vehicle effectively.

PUBG Mobile Motor Glider Guide

This new vehicle is only available on two maps: Erangel and Miramar. It can be found on some roads on this map. You can find a motor glider in Severny. Then, you get in the vehicle and make sure the road is clear enough to take off. You shouldn't crash into rocks, trees, houses, and other obstacles nearby. 

Find Motor Glider On The Roads
Find Motor Glider On The Roads.

When the way ahead is clear enough to take off, you hold the throttle button to increase the power to the maximum level. Then, the motor glider will start to run and speed up on the ground. When it reaches 75km/h, you tap on the ascend button to take off and start to fly. 

Increase The Throttle To Speed Up
Increase The Throttle To Generate Power And Speed Up To Take Off.

However, you should avoid holding the ascend button for a long time or the motor glider will fly slowlier and decrease the height. Then, it can crash trees and obstacles on the ground. Instead, you should tap this button to increase the height gradually. 

Make Sure The Way Is Clear
Make Sure The Way Is Clear To Avoid Crashing.

If you want to turn left, tap the left button. But it still turns left when you stop tapping this button. To fly straight back, you have to tap the right button until it flies straight. If you want to reduce the speed when you are in the sky to shoot the enemies from the sky or prepare for landing, tap the decrease throttle button. 

Tap Descend Button To Land
Tap Descend Button To Land Safely.

You should choose a spacious and clear spot to land. Obviously, it's a deadly mistake when landing among opponents because they will shoot you down when you are more ready to hide and fire back. Besides, you shouldn't jump out of the motor glider when it hasn't landed on the ground because you may be knocked or die right away because of falling from high places.  

Pubg Mobile Motor Glider Has Two Seats
PUBG Mobile Motor Glider Has Two Seats

Bring some cans of fuel with you because this new vehicle consumes a lot of gas to fly. When you increase the throttle, you not only consume more fuel but also decrease the speed of the motor glider. If you decrease the throttle, it helps to save fuel and maintain the speed. Moreover, you can also make a highlight when shooting the opponents on the ground. 

Maintain Speed And Height
Maintain Speed And Height, Switch Seat, And Shoot Down To Kill Enemies On The Ground.

If you fly alone on the motor glider, tap the switch seat button to change the seat and shoot down to the opponents on the ground quickly. Then, come back to the pilot's seat right away to control the glider or it may crash and kill you. Next, you have to increase the throttle to maintain speed and height.

Bring Gas Cans To Refill
Bring Gas Cans To Refill

In addition, this is the most fragile vehicle in this game. You can destroy it with only 20 to 25 bullets. Then, it will blow up quickly and kill you with an explosion. There are only ten motor gliders each match. So you should land carefully if you want to fly again. 

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