S12K and M1014 are two popular semi-auto shotguns in PUBG Mobile. But which one is better? Just compare and choose a better shotgun to use.

#1. Base Damage & Rate Of Fire

M1014 has higher base damage than S12K. The damage point of the new shotgun M1014 reaches 93, higher than that of S12K by 3 points. Besides, M1014 has a higher rate of fire than all other shotguns in this shooting game, including S12K.

S12k Pubg Mobile
S12K has lower base damage and rate of fire.

But M1014's rate of fire is just a little bit higher than that of S12K. With higher base damage and rate of fire, M1014 also has higher damage per second (DPS). Thus, you will defeat the enemy faster. Moreover, M1014 also has a higher initial bullet speed.  The initial bullet speed of S12K is 350m/s while it's 420m/s in M1014.

Both Of Them Use Shotgun Ammo
Both Of Them Use Shotgun Ammo

#2. Effective Range

Shotguns are designed for close combat. Therefore, both these guns have a short effective range. Although the pellets can reach a distance of 60m, the power will drop a lot. Then, you cannot kill the enemy with that tiny damage. In this criterion, M1014 still has a bit longer effective range than S12K.

M1014 has a bit longer effective range

#3. Stability & Pellet Penetration

M1014 is more stable than S12K. You can easily find that the crosshair does not move too much when you shoot with M1014. Meanwhile, the vertical recoil of S12K is pretty big. Therefore, you need more time to re-adjust the crosshair for the next shot.

M1014 Is More Stable
M1014 Is More Stable

Moreover, the pellet penetration of M1014 is also better. Therefore, the hit damage is also higher because all pellets will focus on the target more. Meanwhile, a lot of pellets of S12K will miss the target. Then, the damage when you hit the body of the enemy will decrease.

#4. Attachments

S12K accepts more attachments than M1014. The old shotgun accepts all muzzles for ARs and shotguns in this game, such as compensator, suppressor, flash hider, and choke for better pellet penetration. Meanwhile, M1014 only accepts a choke and bullet loop. Moreover, S12K also accepts a scope that seems to be pretty useless in shotguns.

S12k Accepts More Attachments
S12k Accepts More Attachments