PUBG New State Mobile is set to be released in 2021. This game retains some main features of PUBG Mobile but it still has many differences from its predecessor. Here are the most significant differences between PUBG New State Mobile and PUBG Mobile.

#1. Environment

The first outstanding difference between these two games is the environment. In PUBG New State, there will be more houses, complexes, apartments, shopping centers, and other structures. This game will bring you to a future world in 2051.

Pubg Mobile 2
PUBG New State Will Be Set In 2051

Therefore, you will see a more modern world in PUBG New State. It guarantees that PUBG New State won't become a rival of its predecessor while retaining attractive features of this iconic battle royale game. It also changes the gameplay a bit when you will engage in more in-door combat than in PUBG Mobile.

There Are More Structure
There Are More Structures

#2. Cross-Play Feature

Another difference between these two games is a Cross-Play feature. In specific, PUBG New State allows mobile players to team up with PUBG New State PC players on the same server. This feature is not available on PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite. However, not until 2022 will PUBG 2 arrive on the PC platform.

There Are More High Tech Items
Mobile players can team up with PUBG 2 PC players

#3.  Weapon Customization

Unlike PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State lets players transform their weapons with customization kits. Therefore, this new game still has iconic weapons in PUBG Mobile and more new weapons to use while playing this game.

New Weapon
PUBG New State lets players transform their weapons.

According to the announcement and description of the game developers, PUBG New State players can create their own weapons and master different weapons in this new game. Then, many weapons will have some changes. For example, the iconic assault rifle M416 will have burst fire mode.

#4. More High-Tech Items

As mentioned, PUBG New State is set in a modern world in 2051, there will be more high-tech items. For example, drones will be used wisely in this future world. Besides, you also see a shield in the trailer of this new game. These changes will force players to change their gameplay. In PUBG New State, you will need not only skills and strategies but also broader knowledge.

There Is A New Shield
There Is A New Shield