PUBG Mobile Season 18 will arrive tomorrow with a new Royale Pass and a lot of attractive rewards. Here are the best rewards you should try to achieve in the upcoming season.

#1. RP Level 1 - 10 Rewards

At level 1 in RP season 18, you can get three supply crate scraps from Free Pass. If you buy the Elite Pass, you can get a stunning Heavenly Cadence Set and a fancy AUG skin called 'Electronica Hearts'. At level 10, players can get a time-limited RP card from the free RP and a Night Ensemble Backpack ornament.

Level 1 Reward
Level 1 Reward includes a stunning bundle and a fancy AUG gun skin.

#2. RP Level 15 - 25 Rewards

At level 15, players will receive a themed RP avatar frame for this season from Elite Pass and 30 silver fragments from free RP. The Elite Pass reward for level 20 is a Night Ensemble Backpack skin. At level 25, the Free Pass reward is a Rank Protection card and the Elite Pass reward is the Belly Drum emote.

Belly Drum Emote Is An Attractive Reward
Belly Drum Emote Is An Attractive Reward At Level 25.

#3. Level 30 - 50 Rewards

Reaching level 30, players will receive an Electronica Hearts Parachute skin from the Free Pass and a themed Plane Finish from the Elite Pass. At level 40, you will get a String Ensemble Avatar. Then, rank up to get the fancy Electronica Hearts Set with Hat at level 50.

Level 50 Reward
Level 50 Reward is a themed bundle.

Moreover, you will also obtain a special VSS skin from the Free Pass called 'Pink & Blue Harmony'. It's also the most valuable from the Free Pass season 18.

#4. RP Rewards Level 70 - 80

At level 70, PUBG Mobile players will receive a new graffiti named 'Wanted Order' from the Elite Pass. The most wanted reward from this PR season 18 is the Heavenly Cadence Kar98K skin at level 80. Especially, snipers will love this beautiful skin.

Kar98k Skin
You will get a stunning Kar98K skin at level 80.

#5. RP Level 85 - 100 Rewards

Then, you will get a String Ensemble Emote at level 85, a String Ensemble Headpiece at level 90, and a pair of String Ensemble Goggles at level 95. Besides, the best RP reward in season 18 is the String Ensemble Set at level 100.

String Ensemble Set
String Ensemble Set is the best RP reward in season 18.