The latest PUBG Mobile update 1.3 has introduced a new special mode named Hundred Rhythms. Check out this full guide and tutorial as well as some tips to play and win this mode.

PUBG Mobile Hundred Rhythms Guide

There are three professions in PUBG Mobile Hundred Rhythms Mode, including the Recon Knight, the Guardian, and the Survivor. You can activate this game mode in the classic section. It takes place on the iconic map Erangel like previous event mode. You will select one of those three professions from the spawn island.

New Mode Hundred Rhythms
The New Mode Hundred Rhythms has been introduced.
  • Recon Knight has an active skill called Sonic Scan to detect the nearby enemies. The two passive skills are Encore and Sound Burst. The Encore skill help players recover HP when killed the marked targets and the Sound Burst skill also gives you an HP benefit.
Three Music Skills
There Are Three Music Skills To Obtain From The Spawn Island.
  • Guardian profession has an active skill called Music Barrier that helps reduce the bullet damage then enemies shoot you from outside the Barrier. The passive skills are Music Conversion and Pop Metal. These two passive skills are helpful for your teammates when they stay inside the barrier.
Sonic Scanner
The Recon Knight is the best profession that lets you detect nearby enemies.
  • The Survivor profession has an active skill called Stealth that helps you hide as like you were wearing a ghillie suit. Besides, the two passive skills Surveillance and Breathing Easy help you survive longer.
Guardian Profession
The Guardian Profession lets you create a barrier around you.

Frankly, the Recon Knight is the best profession among them and the two other professions are pretty useless in the solo and duo modes. However, if you play squad mode, you should have all these three professions for your team. Two fraggers should choose the Recon Knight profession, the supporter chooses the Guardian profession and the sniper can choose the Survivor profession.

Survivor Profession
The Survivor profession makes you nearly invisible.

Tips To Play PUBG Mobile Hundred Rhythms Mode

You should make use of these professions to boost your ability or you may lose the game.

  • The Recon Knight is the best profession for aggressive players who are very active in combat and eager for kills.
Sonic Scan
The spotted players will have an eye icon on their heads.
  • If you choose the Recon Knight profession, you should go to hot-drop locations, such as Pochinki and Georgopol. Then, throw the sonic scanner to some corner that enemies often camp. Besides, you can also use this device to detect the enemies' locations within the radius of the scanner when rushing houses and buildings. It works like the wallhack that PUBG Mobile always prohibits in this game. Then, you don't need to be scared of hackers and you can even kill them.
You Should Land On Hot Drop Location
You Should Land On Hot Drop Location And Use The Recon Knight Profession.
  • However, the scanner is only effective within 30 seconds and a 50m radius. Your enemies can also shoot to destroy the sonic scanner easily. But you need to wait for a minute to use it again. Therefore, fall back during the cooldown time and wait to rush when you can activate it again.
Keep Moving
Keep Moving To Avoid Enemies And Find Other Targets.
  • Moreover, when you see an eye on your head, it means that you are scanned by the enemies. So, defend and fire back.
  • The Survivor profession is the best choice for defensive players who want to play safely in solo mode.
Use Scanner To Loot
Use The Scanner To Check The Surrounding Area Before Looting Death Crates.
  • The Guardian profession is only effective when you play in the squad mode. It has many passive skills to help your allies and boost the power of the whole team.