PUBG Mobile crosshair tips are very important for hip-fire players. But you should understand these terms properly before learning how to use them perfectly. Check out the meanings of crosshair and hip-fire in this game as well as a completed guide on how to master them.

PUBG Mobile Crosshair/Hip-Fire Completed Guide

Hip-fire means you shoot with your crosshair or without opening scopes. Hip-fire has some recoil. Besides, it has a higher horizontal recoil but lower vertical recoil than ADS. If you test it in the training room target, you will see the differences.

  • The bullets spread larger than when you shoot with scope-in. When you open the scope to shoot, the bullets will make a vertical line on the target.
Hip Fire And Scope Recoil
Hip Fire Recoil Vs Scope Recoils
  • If you spray bullets with the crosshair, the bullets do not make a line but they are sprayed around due to vertical and horizontal recoil. Therefore, it's less accurate than ADS. However, hip-fire is more powerful in close-range combat.
The Bullet Spread Is Larger
The Bullet Spread Is Larger When You Shoot Without Scope

To reduce the hip-fire recoil, you need some tips and tricks.

  • If you stand still or crouch, you see that your crosshair is smaller. Then, it helps you shoot more accurately.
Crosshair Is Larger When You Move
The Crosshair Is Larger When You Move
  • When you move and jump, the crosshair is bigger. Then, the bullet spread is larger and the accuracy is smaller. Therefore, you should crouch to shoot accurately in close combat with hip-fire.
Crouch To Reduce Hip Fire Recoil
Crouch To Reduce Hip Fire Recoil
  • The 4 to 5 first hip-fire bullets are more accurate. But the later bullets spread a lot. Therefore, you shouldn't use hip-fire in mid and long-range combat because the bullet concentration is very poor. The best range to use hip-fire is within 40 to 50 meters.
Hip Fire Is Effective In Instant Combat
Hip-Fire Is Effective In Instant Combat
  • Hip-fire is the best tactic for close-range combat and TDM game mode when you engage in instant close combat. It lets you reflex quickly and kill enemies first before being taken down. However, ADS is better for mid-range combat and above.