The last year witnessed a massive change in the gaming industry when the total number of global players increased 12%, bringing over $77.2 billion in revenue. Especially, the mobile game ranked among the highest-performing industries all over the world in 2020 with no sign to cease in 2021.

Never before have we seen such a booming number of new games 2021 Android or iOS of various genres. This year, whether you are a fan of cricket games, battle royale, or role-play games, you are all satisfied with the list of best upcoming games 2021 Android platform. Take a look!

1. Upcoming Cricket Games for Android 2021

World Cricket Championship 3

New Games 2021 Android WCC3
WCC is the most awarded cricket game till now.

Continuing the success of World Cricket Championship 2, WCC3 is receiving overwhelming praises for its amazing graphics. The most downloaded cricket game is now upgraded to another level thanks to integrated advanced AI and brand new features.

This new cricket game 2021 on Android boasts full motion-captured actions during a match such as batting, fielding, or bowling. It also welcomes the professional commentator Matthew Hayden and Aakash Chopra. A number of tournaments are added, ranging from World Cup, Test Cricket to Tri-Series.

World Cricket Championship 3 is the very first game that offers cricket grounds in different dimensions. All these features are confirmed by Android users in 2021. You can check some reviews on Google Play before downloading this new game.

Stick Cricket Live 21

New Games 2021 Android Stick Cricket Live
Stick Cricket Live is also a worth-playing cricket game in 2021.

Another new cricket game for Android in 2021 is Stick Cricket Live 21 that was just updated in March. This epic game is a real-time 1v1 multiplayer cricket game that features stadiums all over the world.

In fact, the previous version of this game Stick Cricket Live 2020 is more appreciated. This latest version of 2021 receives many complaints about the matchup system as well as network issues.

2. Upcoming RPG Games 2021 Android

Warhammer: Odyssey

New Games 2021 Android Warhammer Odyssey
Enjoy the satisfying visuals of Warhammer Odyssey!

We can’t miss this old school MMORPG in the list of new games 2021 Android for its fantastic universe. The game definitely brings a sense of nostalgia for those who are long in love with old school style.

Warhammer: Odyssey requires players to plan tactical combat while defeating genuine challenge. The latest version of this RPG introduces remarkable locations that were never found before, such as the Drakwald Forest or the port of Marienburg.

Diablo Immortal Mobile

New Games 2021 Android Diablo Immortal Mobile
Blizzard is aiming to dominate the RPG mobile market with the new version of Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is among the three titles developed simultaneously by Blizzard in 2021, along with Diable II: Resurrected and Diablo IV.

With the reputation of its developer plus the success of the original Diablo Immortal, the upcoming mobile version of this game is one of the most awaited titles for Android platform in 2021. Blizzard affirms that this is a high-quality product instead of an ‘instant noodle’ as many people may think. The company determines to bring another level of RPG mobile experience to its Immortal fans.

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New Games 2021 Android Dauntless
People wonder whether Dauntless will become the next Fortnite.

Needless to say, Dauntless is already a great game to play but its latest version in 2021 is a must-try title for all RPG fans. At the end of 2020, Phoenix Labs did their best to make up for the game’s shortcomings with the greatest free expansion.

Reforged truly transformed the game by not just adding new weapons and monsters but also upgrading every single feature in the system. Still running on a similar script but Dauntless of 2021 gets an overhaul on its Hunting Grounds. Up to 18 handcrafted islands are presented with vivid plants and creatures.

Thanks to these massive improvements, Dauntless deserves a spot in the best upcoming games Android 2021.

Summoners War: Chronicles

New Games 2021 Android Summoners War Chronicles
A sneak peek into the new title Summoners War: Chronicles

This real-time MMORPG was first scheduled to launch in 2020 but then delayed till the second quarter of 2021. It’s a product of Com2uS, a subsidiary of GAMEVIL based in South Korea.

Though Summoners War: Chronicles hasn’t come out yet, many players are already giving its complimentary ratings for its reputation. In fact, it’s not really popular in India but very familiar with other Asian countries. In the game, you can choose among 3 characters to play and get support from 3 summons at most.

Abyss: Rebirth Phantom

New Games 2021 Android Abyss Rebirth Phantom
Main characters in Abyss: Rebirth Phantom

Another title in new games Android 2021 list of RPG is Abyss: Rebirth Phantom from Springcomes. If you are a fan of Japanese anime, you must play this game for various reasons. From amazing character development to gameplay format, almost all Android users who have tested this game agree that this is a very nice and simple title.

However, as it’s still in the process of development, the game might have some issues in returned ranking and lack of new missions. Having said that, the Abyss: Rebirth Phantom CS team is very open-minded and willing to hear all your feedback if have. They take time to respond to each review as well as inform users of upcoming updates.

3. Upcoming FPS Shooter Games 2021 Android

Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush

New Games 2021 Android Jetpack Joyride 2 Bullet Rush
Jetpack Joyride is finally back on Android and won't let you down!

Did you remember the last time you played Jetpack Joyride? Now it’s back with all the stunning features in 2021 version for Android.

Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush is developed by Halfbrick, the famous brain behind the legendary Fruit Ninja and Dan the Man. The FPS shooter game is having an amazing comeback and it’s totally worth your time.

There are new shooting mechanics, more storylines to enjoy, new vehicles, and abundant upgrades in jetpack, guns, or everything. is sure you never get disappointed when playing this new shooting game for Android in 2021.

4. Upcoming Battle Royale Games 2021 Android

H1Z1 Mobile Version

New Games 2021 Android H1z1 Mobile
With its massive fan base, H1Z1 Mobile is predicted to make it big once released.

Nothing but pure battle royale action, that’s the promise we get from H1Z1 developers for their mobile version which might be released in 2021.

In fact, this project requires much time and effort from Daybreak because it will determine the success of its mobile gaming venture. That’s why loyal fans of this BR game is eagerly looking forward to the H1Z1 Mobile version. It’s predicted that this upcoming battle royale game 2021 Android would welcome a massive number of players right when it’s launched.

H1Z1 Mobile version can also threaten the position of PUBG Mobile or Free Fire once it’s released as this game could run pretty well on less hardware resources while maintaining its quality gaming experience.

Apex Legends Mobile

New Games 2021 Android Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile would premiere in October 2021.

The next new game 2021 Android that receives huge attention from the mobile gaming community is Apex Legends mobile version. According to the latest announcement of Electronic Arts, the battle royale game would be available in the 2022 fiscal year which starts later in 2021. Apex Legends Mobile is expected to take over the mobile BR scene in India, surpassing Free Fire and COD.

The mobile version, to be specific, would come out in October this year if nothing unexpected happens. In fact, the game used to have an earlier release date but the development process slowed down constantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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New Games 2021 Android Fau G
FAU-G received millions of downloads within the first month of its release in 2021.

The last but not least BRG must be the Indian-made FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards. Released for some time now, FAU-G is receiving mixed feedback from its players that mostly come from the Indian market. While many praise the game for its impressive graphics and storyline compared to other battle royale titles available, some lost their patience while competing in the very first levels.

Two months after FAU-G launch, there were mostly negative reviews. However, the developer team are trying their best to fix reported issues and getting more encouraging comments on Google Play recently. We believe that this new Indian title has the potentials to overcome PUBG Mobile or Free Fire to dominate the domestic market, but gamers ourselves should give more constructive feedback to help improve it gradually.

Above is the list of new games 2021 Android that are upcoming or have already arrived in April 2021. GuruGamer would update more information about these titles at Mobile Games.

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