Respawn Entertainment has recently announced that Apex Legends Mobile is available in specific regions. The game is now in its initial beta stage, and will soon make it to the global market. Apex Legends is, of course, huge in the PC scene, only third to Fortnite and Warzone in terms of players. But the big question is, whether it will replace other games in the Indian mobile gaming circuit?

Will Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends Mobile take over the Mobile BR scene in India?

Indeed, PUBG Mobile will always have a place in the hearts of Indian BR fans. That goes without saying. However, it does not necessarily mean Apex Legends will not attract a massive number of players once it arrives.

Apex Legends Mobile Exclusive
Apex Legends Mobile is finally here!

We will know more about this when Apex Legends Mobile opens its beta server in India and the Philippines. But, only a few thousand players can join the server, and the start date of Apex Legends Mobile in India has yet to surface.

Here are a few of the key features that the mobile version of Apex Legends will bring to the table:

  • Apex Legends Mobile is a standalone game. There won't be a cross-play feature with consoles or PC.
  • No in-game microtransactions give players an in-game advantage.
  • An in-depth and balanced roster of Legends

Can Apex Legends Mobile Take Over India?

The Indian Battle Royale gaming community currently jumps back and forth between COD Mobile and Free Fire. Without the presence of PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire establishes its dominant role in the country. However, neither of the two titles really satisfy players.

Apex Legends Mobile Regional Beta
Apex Legends Mobile is now on beta test in specific regions

Fans of the Battle Royale genre recently lashed out on COD Mobile for their bias towards multiplayer mode. Activision announced a world cup for COD Mobile, but only featured the MP mode. Then comes the wave of pro players who are against the use of iPads in tournaments.

On the other hand, Garena Free Fire, as a long-standing title, has not been doing great also, statistically. Even with major names like Cristiano Ronaldo in the character list, the game is still losing players for numerous reasons.

Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore
Can the game take advantage of the situation?

This is the perfect chance for Apex Legends Mobile, as gamers are helplessly searching for a new BR game for Android in 2021. With a proper introduction to the country, Apex Legends Mobile can really take India by storm, bringing its refreshing changes.

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