The mobile version of Apex Legends, EA's popular hero shooter/battle royale on console and PC, is coming out very soon. Looks like EA has a good head on their shoulders, with India getting priority for the first regional beta test later this month.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Mobile release date in India, along with its system requirements and release date.

1 - About the April 2021 Beta in India

Chad Grenier, Apex Legends Mobile's director (previously worked on the Call of Duty and Titanfall series), has revealed that the first beta for the mobile version of the game is going to be in India later this month.

apex legends
Apex Legends' character roster

Due to its nature of being a closed beta, the game is going to be available only to a few thousand players in India. Only Android users are eligible for the test - there is no beta version for iOS yet. According to Grenier, Apex Legends Mobile's control system is specifically designed for touch screens, with streamlined controls and calculated optimizations. While it is a brand new version, Apex Legends Mobile is as true to the original as it could get.

After this beta, EA is going to roll out tests all over the globe while implementing iOS support.

2 - What is Apex Legends Mobile release date in India?

The mobile version's development has already been completed in January 2021. Based on previous updates, the game will be ready to launch in the Fiscal Year 2022, which begins on October 1, 2021.

With the test rolling out in April, half a year before the announced date, we can expect the Apex Legends Mobile's release in India is as soon as that threshold is reached - by October this year. So, 2021 seems to be a good year for new mobile games, with a lot more titles scheduled for release comparing to last year.

Fortnite Pubg Apex
They are the three biggest names in the PC/Console Battle Royale scene

Apex Legends Mobile is going to use the same business model as its competitors PUBG Mobile/Call of Duty Mobile: Free To Play with cosmetics microtransactions & battle passes.

3 - Expected system requirements

While the hasn't been any official announcement from EA, there have been plenty of leaks and predictions. Based on some of the more notable leaks, these are the recommended requirements for Apex Legends Mobile:

  • Android: Minimum Snapdragon 625 processor
  • iOS: A11 bionic

This means for iOS devices, iPhone 8 and above are required. On the Android side, a Snapdragon 625 is more or less any device made after 2018. Just keep in mind that these requirements are not official and might change based on how the game's development turns out.

Apex Legends Mobile
The release date of Apex Legends Mobile is expected to be in October, 2021.

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According to the leaks, once Apex Legends is released for Mobile and Switch, a crossplay feature might be considered. This means you would be able to play with your friends on Console or PC, similar to what Fortnite is doing.

4 - Apex Legends vs PUBG Mobile/Free Fire?


  • Apex Legends is a team-based battle royale, with the main mode being Squad. You will need to work with 2 other players to get the final victory instead of going alone like other battle royales. Each match features twenty squads, which is 60 players, more than Free Fire's 50 but less than PUBG Mobile's 100.
Apex Legends All Characters
A huge roster of colorful and unique characters
  • The difference in player number per match leads to a smaller map size. Apex Legends' three maps "King's Canyon", "Olympus", and "World's Edge" are smaller than PUBG Mobile's Erangel but bigger than Free Fire's Bermuda.
  • The character system is similar but much more extensive than Free Fire. It is similar to a hero shooter, with each Legends having 2 normal abilities and one ultimate. PUBG Mobile is the most realistic, with no character system.
  • The maps of Apex have many more interactable objects comparing to PUBG Mobile or Free Fire.


  • Apex has a much smaller number of characters. As of this season, there are only 16 to choose from. Team members must pick different characters from each other.
Apex Legends Gameplay
Apex Legends' Interface
  • The game also uses the same "drop from the sky" system, with squads drop down from a flying barge.
Apex Legends Gameplay
Apex Legends environmental hazard
  • Weapons, armors, and equipment are also placed all around the map. The safe zone also shrinks in regular intervals to force players to fight. Overall, all the base mechanics of a battle royale game are followed faithfully in Apex.
Olympus Apex Legends
Olympus map in Apex Legends
  • Squad mechanics are more or less the same, with players being able to pick up their downed squadmates. There is also a "reviving mechanic" similar to Free Fire's revival zone as well. You can pick up a squadmates' badge and bring it to a revival zone to call him back into battle.

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