Apex Legends is the award-winning, free-to-play Battle Royale team shooter from Respawn Entertainment. Overall, it is a hero shooter/battle royale with multiple characters, each with their own unique abilities.


Weapons are still a big part of this game, of course - and in this article, we would list out the Apex Legends Tier List Weapons For Season 8. If you are wondering about 'what are the best weapons to use in Apex Legends'... this article would definitely solve that problem.

Apex Legends Tier List Weapons

S Tier


One of the few weapons you can find fully modded, the Mastiff is the best close quarter shotgun in Free Fire. Its damage and headshot modifier used to be much higher when it was in the care package... and even now, the 1.25x modifier is still super deadly.

The Mastiff is a big candidate to answer the question of 'What is the best weapon in Apex Legends?'


The best sniper rifle in the game, with the ability to instantly kill anyone with a headshot. It also deals great damage on body shots as well. The downside of the Kraber is its high skill requirements, as it has a fairly slow fire rate. You would also need to be lucky to find this gun, as it can only be found in care packages.


While the Devotion was taken out of supply drops, it still has the damage capacity intact, as the clip size was nerfed instead. The Energy LMG has great accuracy, low recoil and high damage - with a little practice on the Firing Range, you won't have to worry about losing a single 1v1 fight using this weapon.

A Tier

30-30 Repeater

Based on the launch trailer, it is very likely that the new Season 8 weapon, the 30-30 Repeater, is gonna be a high tier weapon, with decent damage and accuracy.


The Longbow DMR has been performing consistently well ever since its fire rate nerf back in Season 3. While its damage is not as high as a sniper rifle, it allows you to follow up with more hits, even if you miss the first one. Overall, the Longbow is the best non-supply drop Sniper in the game, especially with the Skullpiercer attachment equipped to increase its headshot damage.



Despite removed from the Supply drop, the R-99 remains one of the most iconic weapons in Apex, with the ability to shred shields and health in the blink of an eye. Damage and magazine are the two best stats of the R-99.

Prowler PDW

If it wasn't for the Select-Fire hop-up which converts it into an Assault Rifle, the Prowler would have been only B-tier. Its relatively small magazine is the biggest problem for users - try to get an extended mag as soon as possible if you are using the Prowler.



A care package shotgun with a built-in precision choke. Overall, the weapon is powerful... and with the ability to charge up your shots for maximum damage, you would be able to shred all unshielded enemies lightning fast.

M600 Spitfire

The M600 is a 'spam weapon' with a huge magazine size and fairly high accuracy when hip firing. The recoil is fairly manageable - you can even equip the Rampart hop-up for an even bigger magazine.

R-301 Carbine

This is a great all-rounder weapon that's suitable for most situations in mid-range. While using iron sights is ok, it is best to get a mid-range scope for the R301 to bring out its maximum potential.



The Volt eats up energy ammo at a fast rate and converts them into rapid energy streams that can shred enemies' shields in seconds. It eats up a lot of ammo so be sure to stock up... and you might need an extended mag as well.

G7 Scout

The G7 is a single shot Assault Rifle, best for sharpshooters whose hobby is to snipe people from afar. The rate of fire is decent compared to other sniper weapons and can be improved with the Double-Tap hop-up.


The Wingman is the best pistol in the game if you need damage - it is the equivalent of the Desert Eagle in Apex Legends' world. However, just make sure that you get yourself an extended mag and the Skullpiercer attachment for the 2.25x headshot damage.


The L-Star has received enough buffs to be a top tier weapon now. Its unique overheating mechanic (which triggers "overheat" after 22 continuous shots) is super useful when you have to face more than one enemy or engage in combat continuously.


Another long range sniping AR - the Hemlok can be switched between single firing mode and burst 3 mode, enabling you to destroy your enemies from afar. You would need a decent optic attachment as soon as possible to bring out the Hemlok's potential.


B Tier


The Havoc is a high damage high recoil AR that can pack a serious punch if you can manage it properly. Another weakness of the gun is that when firing, it initially has a spin-up 'delay' time (which can be removed with the Turbocharger Hop-Up).


The Sentinel is a pretty hard to use sniper rifle that comes with a special 'Amped' mechanic. You can charge up to 5 seconds to make your shots deal more damage - sounds great, but each shot fired would cut down the duration of the effect by 15 seconds.

Charge Rifle

Weapons that need charging before attacks are either too weak or too strong... and after a few nerf, the Charge Rifle is definitely not that good anymore. Its beam also deal damage in 3 tick which can be avoided by the opponent.



The alternator is fairly underpowered after receiving numerous nerfs. It is not worth picking up unless you have nothing else in the early game.

EVA-8 Shotgun

The EVA 8 automatic shotgun has lower stats than most other shotguns and could be out damaged easily if you miss your shots. However, at least you can buff it up with a double-tap trigger to fire 2 rounds right away.

C Tier

VK-47 Flatline

While it has higher stats than the R-301 and Hemlok, the VK-47 ends up here due to its lower than average bullet speed. It would be really hard to hit enemies far away from your location or even moving targets.



A decent weapon to use until the mid-game. The RE-45 has manageable recoil and damage... but that's about it. You should just ditch it if you fight a weapon in a higher tier.

Triple Take

A sniper with spread ammo might sound powerful... but in practice, it is really underwhelming. It can be outclassed easily by other sniper rifles and even by some mid-ranged weapons.


The most vanilla of pistol - the P2020 is a jack of all trades with nothing really going for it.

D Tier


The Mozambique is pretty much a long-running meme - it is like a hybrid of a pistol and a shotgun, with the worst part of both classes: low spread and low accuracy.

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