Swords are probably the most important part of Witcher 3, with Geralt using 2 of them in the game, steel for human, silver for monsters. If you are in the late game, these 10 swords are must have to challenge the toughest bosses.

Witcher 3 Best Swords

In this article, we would list out the top 10 Witcher 3 Best Swords and how you can get them.

1 - Ursine Swords (Steel & Silver)

The Ursine Swords have the highest crit damage out of the five Witcher sets. Both swords have a 75% Crit Damage Increase, which is the best in strong style builds. You can just one-shot your enemies with a critical slash... and the increased chance of dismemberment would make sure the kill be spectacular (cleave your foe in half, for example).

Witcher 3 Best Swords

The Steel Mastercrafted Blueprint could be found North West of Blackbough in a cave, whereas the Silver could be found North East of Olena's Grove.

2 - Manticore Swords (Steel & Silver)

This is also one of the Witcher Gear set, however, you need the Blood and Wine DLC for it. The Manticore has only +50% Critical Damage... but made up for that with 250 armor-piercing. You would be able to deal with certain armored foes, both monsters and humans, easier.

You can find the blueprint for the Steel version in the ruins of Bastoy Prison; whereas the Silver version can be found in a cave near the lake in Sansretour Valley.

Witcher 3 Best Swords

3 - Viper Venomous Swords (Steel & Silver)

These are the best weapons you can find in the first DLC Heart of Stone. The Viper Venomous Swords have about the same critical power as the Ursine swords (+ 75% Critical Damage) but has an extra feature of poisoning enemies on attacks.

Getting these two weapons are rather tricky - the Steel Viper Venomous blueprint can only be found inside the vault beneath the Borsodi auction house during the main quest... while the Silver can only be picked up inside the mirror world after you side with Olgierd.

4 - Iris (Olgierd's Sword) (Steel)

Iris, Olgierd's blade, is a saber with a unique look that can be acquired after saving Olgierd from Master Mirror. While it does not have any fancy bonus stats, the sword comes with a special "charged" effect - after a certain number of hits, it would glow red and deliver a massively powerful strike that can knock down even the strongest humanoid enemy.

Witcher 3 Best Swords

5 - Hen Gaidth (Steel)

Hen Gaidth is a Steel Sword that can be found inside the Unseen Elder's cave in the Blood & Wine DLC. Overall, it has the same baseline damage boost similar to other top swords (+ 75% critical damage) but comes with three more additional effects: Armor piercing, Bleed and Stun. Besides these effects, the Hen Gaidth also gives you extra HP after every kill.

6 - Bellhaven Blade (Steel)

Another superb weapon from the Blood & Wine DLC - the Belhaven Blade has the highest critical damage in the game. You can deal a +100% bonus damage every crit... along with boosts to poison chance and Aard intensity.

The diagram can be found as part of some hidden treasure in Toussaint, deep in the Sansretour River that cuts through the center of the map.

7 - Aerondight (Silver)

This is probably the name that gets mentioned the most when people talking about the best weapon in Witcher 3. Instead of the usual passive abilities, Aerondight comes with a special "charging" ability that increases your damage with each subsequent blow - once you hit the maximum power, every single hit would be a crit. Furthermore, when killing an enemy with a maximum charged sword, it would get a permanent increase in damage.

It can be acquired after completing the quest "There Can Be Only One" in Toussaint.

8 - Gesheft (Silver)

This is probably the only Silver Sword that can rival Aerondight. It is also part of the Blood and Wine DLC. Overall, you can find the Gesheft in two variants - the drop version would increase all signs intensity while the craftable has pretty much the same stat as the Belhaven Blade.

The drop can be found during the quest "Beyond Hill and Dale..." by exploring the map... and the crafting blueprint can be found near the Dun Tynne Crossroads to the northeast.

9 - Griffin Swords (Silver & Steel)

The Griffin Sets is probably the first one you can complete in the game... and it is geared towards Signs Build. If you are doing that kind of build, with Geralt dancing around roasting enemies with Igni, these swords are definitely the top choice. You can find the blueprints in Skellige.

Witcher 3 Best Swords

10 - Wolven Swords (Silver & Steel)

These swords are more or less Jack of all trades, with bonuses useful to every build (sign intensity, adrenaline...) and high base damage. You can find the two blueprints in the swamps and the coast of Velen.

This is the end of our guide for Best Swords in Witcher 3. Interested in more of our articles related to Witcher 3? Please check out this post for a guide to Blood and Wine DLC quests.