Blood And Wine expansion is the second and also the last expansion of this new game - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This expansion has nine main quests, nine Story quests, and a lot of side quests. Check out the lists of Witcher 3 Blood And Wine quests here with

Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Main Quests

This DLC expansion of Blood And Wine has nine main quests:

#1. Envoys, Wineboys

You need to reach level 34 to unlock and do this quest. It takes place in Stonecutters' Settlement, a beautiful village in Velen, Temeria. The local people in this village mine stones. Besides, you need to fight and take down the bandits and Zorg, a minor character in this expansion.

Stonecutters Settlement
The first main quest takes place in Stonecutters' Settlement.

After completing this quest, you will receive 50 EXP and reach the next level to unlock the next quest.

#2. The Beast of Toussaint

After the first quest which is pretty simple to complete, you need to reach level 35 to unlock The Beast of Toussaint quest. This is a big quest that will give you 1000 EXP. Therefore, the map of this quest is also larger than the previous quest.

Defeat The Beast Of Toussaint
Defeat The Beast Of Toussaint

You will do this quest in four places, including The Cockatrice Inn, Corvo Bianco, Tourney Grounds, Palace Gardens. You need to defeat some enemies. Golyat is the first target that you have to kill. Then, you have to fight off the Bruxa of Corvo Bianco and Shaelmaar from the Emperor of Nilfgaard.

#3. Blood Run

Then, you can unlock the third main quest of the DLC expansion of Blood And Wine when you reach level 36. You also earn 1000 EXP after completing this quest. This quest takes place in Palace Gardens and Beauclair. Your mission is fighting off the Beast of Beauclair. It's also the main objective of this quest.

Palace Gardens And Beauclair
This is the location of the Blood Run quest.

#4. La Cage au Fou

If the third quest is a simple quest, this fourth quest is pretty harder. The reward of this quest is also 1000 EXP. You will go to the big cemetery named Mère-Lachaiselongue to complete some objectives before heading to Trastamara Estate and Tesham Mutna Ruins to do the next objectives.

Mere Lachaiselongue Cemetery
Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery is the main location of this quest.

You will need to move between many places while doing this quest. You need to reach level 39 to unlock this quest. Therefore, you will have to collect more EXP and level up.

#5. Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away

You also do this mission in Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery. Another location of this quest is the Beauclair Port. Take some workers down with your fists. There are two key objects you need to find, one is in the box behind Regis and the other one is placed in the corner of the room. After completing this quest, you also earn 1000 EXP. The required level to do this quest is 42.

A Scene Of Where Children Toil Toys Waste Away
A Scene In The Quest "Where Children Toil Toys Waste Away"

#6. Wine is Sacred

The sixth main quest in the list of The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine quests is called "Wine is Sacred". Players need to reach level 42. Therefore, after completing the quest "Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away", you can do this quest right away.

Beauclair Palace
Beauclair Palace is one of the main locations of this main quest.

The reward for completing it is happiness. Moreover, you only need to protect farmers from Panthers. Get and do this quest in Beauclair Palace, Castel Ravello, and Fort Astre Ruins.

#7. The Man from Cintra

When you reach level 43, you will unlock the seventh main quest of this expansion. Head to Beauclair to complete this quest. The reward of this quest is up to 1500 EXP. You need to find a special set of clothes, meet Anarietta, and join some entertainment activities of Soiree. During the time in this city, you also have to find the heart-shaped box to complete this quest.

Anarietta is the main character in this main quest and this expansion.

#8. Capture the Castle

The quest "Capture The Castle" requires you to reach level 47. It means that you need to do some side quest to earn more EXP to reach this level. The location of this main quest is in Count de la Croix's Mill. You also get 1500 EXP after doing this quest. The main objective is to defeat Roderick and his guards.

#9. The Night of the Long Fangs

This is the last main quest in the list of Witcher 3 Blood And Wine quests that are not Story quests. You need to defeat Bruxa to get 200 EXP. Then, kill Alp and Bruxa in the courtyard. Then, you will get 200 EXP for killing Fleder. Players also have to fight off Katakan and Garkain.

The Night Of The Long Fangs
You will need to fight a lot in the quest The Night of the Long Fangs.

Then, The Witcher 3 players will unlock further Story quests, including Beyond Hill and Dale..., Blood Simple; What Lies Unseen; Tesham Mutna; Pomp and Strange Circumstance; Burlap is the New Stripe; and Be It Ever So Humble...

Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Side Quests

During doing those Witcher 3 Blood And Wine quests, gamers need to do side quests. It helps players earn EXP to unlock further quests. Besides, you also get many attractive item rewards from those secondary quests.

Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Side Quests
Complete side quests to get item rewards.

There are some main series of side quests and many single side quests in this expansion.

  • Big Feet to Fill
  • Contract
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Vitner's Contract
  • Wine Wars

When completing these side quests, you can achieve many item rewards, such as crowns, trophies, swords, armors, and more. Therefore, don't ignore any secondary quests while doing the story quests and main quests in this game.

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