GTA or Grand Theft Auto is a long-running game franchise that has been around for more than 20 years now. There have been 7 mainline titles and 4 handheld titles released... however, not all of them are available to play on Android.

In this article, we would list out all the GTA games that you can actually download and play on Android and rank them based on how good they are.

5 - GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Liberty City Stories is a handheld prequel to GTA III, which uses the same "Liberty City" (New York) as the main location. The story follows the footsteps of mobster Antonio "Toni" Cipriani, Don Salvatore Leone (of GTA III)'s second in command, and his journey to make the Leone family the most powerful crime organization in the city.

GTA Games On Android: GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Liberty City Stories: Release 24 October 2005

The gameplay of Liberty City Stories is the usual GTA formula of action-adventure in an open world environment.

4 - GTA Chinatown Wars

This is actually the newest GTA game on this list. Chinatown Wars starts much differently than any other games in the franchise, with you being part of the Triad (Chinese American mafia) instead of just the usual crime syndicate.

GTA Games On Android: GTA Chinatown Wars
GTA Chinatown Wars: Release 17 March 2009 

The story of Chinatown Wars is just the usual GTA tale of betrayal and revenge, with the protagonist getting wronged by his former allies and left for dead. The gameplay part of Chinatown Wars is actually much better than you would have expected, with the game designed for handheld/touch devices by default instead of having to rely on clunky controls.

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GTA III is probably the most important entry in the whole series - it is the beginning of the "modern" era and the first one with a 3D environment. In this game, players would step into the shoes of Claude, yet another backstabbed criminal out for revenge. He would tangle with the previously mentioned Don Salvatore Leone, assassinate him and become the top dog in the city's criminal underworld.

GTA Games On Android: GTA III
GTA III: Release 22 October 2001

While GTA III is better than the previous game story-wise, its gameplay is not nearly as good with clunky controls and lack of designed mechanics.

2 - GTA Vice City

The fourth main entry of the series and probably the most famous one. In GTA Vice City, you would play as the criminal Tommy Vercetti whose dream is to become the top boss of the city. The best part of this game is probably the settings - Vice City is based on Miami in the 80s, a city filled with neon lights and vices.

GTA Games On Android: GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City: Release 29 October 2002

Gameplay-wise, it is a step up from GTA III, with a lot of new mechanics getting added.

1 - GTA San Andreas

The seventh titles in the GTA series and probably the most famous one. San Andreas is the last main title of the "3D era" of GTA and is probably the most nostalgic title that gamers of that era have played. GTA San Andreas' story is a little bit different than other GTA games, with the protagonist CJ coming back to the city after a journey instead of the usual "revenge" schtick.

GTA Games On Android: GTA San Andreas
GTA San Andreas: Release 26 October 2004

Upon seeing the sorry state of his family and friends, CJ decided to stay in Los Santos and work with the family to pick them up again. This is probably the best game in the 3D era, with the most robust mechanics, quests and stories.

You can find all 5 GTA games on Android by browsing for them in the Google Play Store. Interested in more of our articles related to the GTA Franchise? Please check out this post to find out how to earn money fast in GTA 5.