Android One is an upgraded version of Android Go of Google. It's the ambition of Google in making a competitive platform that can defeat iOS. With higher quality, this platform is expected to bring mobile gamers the best experiences. Here are things you need to know about Android One PUBG Lite.

What Is Android One?

Android One is the upgraded version of the most popular mobile platform - Android. It's recognized as the "purest" operating system that does not contain any "trash" app. Google only installs some most essential apps for users, such as Maps and YouTube. It makes sure that the phone's storage is not wasted.

Pubg Mobile Lite For Android
Android One is the "purest" operating system that does not contain any "trash" app.

Android is often surpassed in the competition with iOS on the mobile phone market when comparing their security and experience qualities. Therefore, Google developed a new operating system based on the existing one to compete with its no.1 rival. Then, they introduced Android One.

Pubg Mobile Lite Android One
You can access Google Play Store on Android One smartphones and get the latest update of PUBG Mobile Lite.

As briefly introduced, this operating system is formed based on Android. However, it's optimized to make this OS compatible with low-end and mid-end devices. It makes sure that your device still runs smoothly when you play some 'heavy' apps on low-end devices, such as Facebook, YouTube, or PUBG Mobile Lite.

Pubg Mobile Android One
It allows gamers to enjoy this game with high graphic and audio quality.

Android One users can still access to Google Play Store as usual. Then, you can download any apps and games you want to play as long as your phone meets the minimum requirements. Moreover, Android One users also get the latest updated version quickly.

Android One PUBG Lite Experience

As Google remains all Google services and Play Store on this new operating system, PUBG Mobile Lite players can play games on their Android One smartphones. You also access Google Play Store and download the game app. With mid-end and high-end devices like Nokia 9 PureView, Xiaomi Mi A3, and Motorola Edge Plus, you can also play some heavier games, such as PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9 Legend, and Leagues of Legends: Wild Rift.

Pubg Mobile Lite
Google remains all Google services and Play Store on this new operating system.

Android 1 PUBG Mobile Lite hack is not encouraged on this OS. It's because Android One's security system is upgraded. Therefore, it's harder to download and install hack tools on this optimized OS. Besides, it's pretty risky to hack this game on Android One.

Pubg Mobile Lite Update
You shouldn't use hack tools while playing PUBG Mobile Lite on Android One devices.

From many PUBG Mobile gamers' experiences, it's better to play this on Android One OS. You won't experience many annoying problems, such as FPS drop, lag, or high ping. The FPS level will stay still at the most ideal level when you parachute, loot, or turn the camera angles and look around. It lets you play PUBG Mobile smoothly and get Chicken Dinner easier.

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Get Chicken Dinner
You can play smoothly and get Chicken Dinner.

Moreover, the phone's temperature won't rise too high. Therefore, it does not cause lag when you play the game for a long time. The temperature of the device and CPU increases very slowly and does not surpass the warning level. It's because there's no trash app running while you playing this game.

Best Android One Phones Under Rs. 30,000 For PUBG Lite Players

Here are the five best Android One smartphones for PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite players.

#1. Xiaomi Mi A3

This smartphone costs Rs 12,999 only. The Snapdragon 665 11nm chip of Qualcomm makes the phone strong enough to run PUBG Mobile Lite smoothly. Its storage is expanded to 64GB instead of 32GB in the previous version. Then, it's spacious enough to run the game without the problem of lag. Besides, the screen size and visual quality are good enough for the best gaming experience.

#2. Motorola One Vision

This version of Motorola costs you Rs 14,999 when buying via Flipkart. The 6.3-inch Full HD plus punch-hole display lets you play PUBG Mobile Lite with the best visual quality. This smartphone weighs only 180 grams. It has 4GB RAM and a large storage capacity of 128GB. It is spacious enough to run PUBG Mobile Lite smoothly. The great frame rate lets you spot enemies quickly.

Motorola One Vision Pubg Mobile 60fps Test
Play PUBG Mobile 60fps On Motorola One Vision

#3. Nokia 8.1

Nokia phones are often strong and firm. This version of the Nokia 8.1 with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage allows you to play some light games, such as PUBG Mobile Lite, Free Fire, Clash Squad, etc. Moreover, its 3500mAh battery lets you play PUBG Mobile Lite in about two hours without having to charge. Besides, the 6.18-inch screen with Full HD plus resolution gives you the best visual experience.

Nokia 8 1 Pubg Mobile 60fps Test
Test PUBG Mobile 60FPS on Nokia 8.1.

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#4. Moto G8 Plus

The Snapdragon 665 octa-core chipset and Dolby Atmos audio give you the most realistic gaming experience with great visual and audio quality. Besides, its 4000mAh battery allows gamers to play PUBG Mobile Lite for hours before charging. PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire can run smoothly on this Android One smartphone with medium settings. Moreover, it costs only Rs. 13,999.

Pubg Mobile On Moto G8
Moto G8 Plus gives you the most realistic gaming experience with great visual and audio quality.

#5. Infinix Note 5 Stylus

This is a cheap Android One smartphone that costs only Rs.16,999 if you pay via Flipkart. The 5.93-inch phone screen with 1080x2160 resolution allows PUBG Mobile Lite gamers to enjoy the game with vivid images and high graphic quality. You don't need to worry about lagging or screen shaking.

Infinix Note 5 Stylus Pubg Mobile
Play PUBG Lite In Infinix Note 5 Stylus.

Those are things you need to know about Android One PUBG Lite. Choose the best Android One smartphone with the best price to play this light game.

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