PUBG is the title that brought the Battle Royale genre closer to the broad audience. Initially released in 2016, the game was an immediate hit. It has been continuing to reap massive success but on another platform. PUBG switched from the conventional PC scene to a more approachable mobile format. Players can now enjoy their favorite action-packed gameplay right on the phone that fits in their pockets. PUBG Corp. also released a compact version called PUBG Mobile Lite to cater to lower-end devices. But that does not mean it's not great to play. The PUBG Lite Rank system speaks volumes for itself!

pubg mobile lite winter update
Have you checked out the new Winter update?

While the global economy is going nowhere due to the going COVID-19 pandemic, the mobile gaming scene is growing faster than ever. It has been showing consistent development in both revenue and player base. PUBG Mobile Lite is no exception. The game brings the same addictive gameplay that we love, stuffed into a light and compatible application. Every device can run PUBG Mobile Lite smoothly. So, there is nothing stopping you from having a great time. But today, we want to talk in-depth about the PUBG Lite ranks

PUBG Lite Rank System Explained 

As you may already know, PUBG uses the common ELO/MMR system to assess and divide players into different rankings. This is by far the simplest communal rating system. The number of points you gain or lose depends on how well you perform in each game. There are several fixed milestones where players will rank up or down upon reaching them. The AI will automatically assess and set an expected performance baseline when matchmaking. You gain points for playing better than baseline or lose points if worse. That is the same basics of PUBG Lite rank.

Season 8 sees major changes in the PUBG Lite rank list. To be more specific, there are now 8 tiers instead of the old 7 ones. They resemble those of PUBG Mobile. We have Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror. From Bronze to Crown, each tier consists of 5 divisions from I to V. The Ace and Conqueror rank only have 1 division. After finishing the first rank game, players will be placed at Bronze. The number of points you gain after each match also decreases the further you advance. 

What is Different from the PUBG Mobile Rank System?

The PUBG Mobile Lite Rank system is not as harsh as the original game. By saying that we mean it focuses more on the personal growth of the players rather than how many points they should earn. The system encourages you to play more games. As long as this condition is satisfied,  you're guaranteed to get a good ranking in the PUBG Lite tier list.

Season 1 pubg lite
PUBG PC Lite Season 1 rank system is applied to PUBG Mobile Lite

But there are five other elements that contribute to your Ranking Points (RPs) from each match:

  • Survival Time 
  • Number of kills
  • Support (health regen, revives)
  • Supplies
  • Damage

Rank List in PUBG Lite 

Now that you have a better perspective on the PUBG Mobile Lite ranking system, it's time to learn about its exact tier divisions. How exact you ask? Down to each RP. In order to rank up faster in PUBG Mobile Lite, there are three things you need to do. Play more, win more, and kill more! With that being said, check out the full listing of PUBG Mobile Lite ranks by points.

Pubg Lite Rank
The Rank list now resembles PUBG Mobile
  • Bronze – 1200 to 1699 RP
  • Silver – 1700 to 2199 RP
  • Gold – 2200 to 2699 RP
  • Platinum – 2700 to 3199 RP
  • Diamond – 3200 to 3699 RP
  • Crown – 3700 to 4199 RP
  • Ace – Over 4200 RP
  • Conqueror – Top 500 players in a region

There is no fixed RP milestone to get to the Conqueror tier, but you do have to cross 4200 RP. You will be promoted to Conqueror if your ratings are among the top 500 in the current server. However, do expect fierce competition at this stage from amazing players. Finishing at lower places in higher ranks will take quite a hefty chunk out of your RPs. Therefore, keeping your position as a Conqueror is much more challenging than getting there.

Pubg Mobile Lite 1200
The more ranked games you play, the faster you rank up

However, if you're just in the game to have fun, then there is no need to grind all the way to Conqueror. Stick to the Crown tier. It's still one of the higher-up ranks and is a possible goal to achieve. Remember that you can advance further if you play regularly. That applies to PUBG Lite all ranks, except for the highest two.

Tier Rewards

Upon reaching certain ranks in Season 8 of PUBG Mobile Lite, players will get several rewards. Here are the rewards you can achieve:

Pubg Lite Rank Rewards
Season 8 Rank Rewards PUBG Mobile Lite
  • Gold V – Season 8 Outfit
  • Diamond V – Season 8 AWM
  • Ace – Season 8 Ace Parachute
  • Conqueror – Season 8 Conqueror Frame

That completes our guide today on the PUBG Lite rank system. We hope that you now have a better look at how it actually works. This system is quite straightforward, you should have no problem learning your way through it. And remember one thing: if you want to rank up, just play more ranked games in PUBG Mobile Lite. Stay tuned to our website for more!