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With a slew of new titles in the pipeline, Battle Royale has come a long way towards being the most successful genre during the era of mobile gaming. An obstacle that prevents so many new players from having BR experiences is that some of the most popular names like PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile are not ‘friendly’ at all when it comes to device requirements.

Battle Royale Mobile Games

As such, BR games with tone-downed elements draw a lot of attention from the mass. We’ll put three names, respectively Free Fire, PUBG Mobile Lite, and Hopeless Land, into a detailed comparison to find out the best game among them for low-end devices.

Hopeless Land

About Hopeless Land

Similar to PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire, Hopeless Land centers on the fundamental rules of Battle Royale concept, providing a battleground with 121 players and 20 minutes per match. The game also offers a wide range of weapons in favor of more strategic and competitive shootouts.

Hopeless Land Battle Royale


Both Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile will occupy a storage space of more than 500MB. This number is slightly lower in the case of Hopeless Land.

Game Mechanics and Graphics

Hopeless Land cannot be on par with these well-known competitors in not only the game mechanics but also graphics sections unless players fail to run Free Fire/PUBG Mobile Lite properly on their old-aged devices.

Hopeless Land Gameplay

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s highly recommended that you should try out Hopeless Land as soon as possible while having a low-end device around or not. Free Fire and even PUBG Mobile Lite no doubt put a bigger strain on it, but everything comes at a cost: You’ll have more in-game cosmetics, events, and so on. That’s all about the popularity!

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