PUBG Mobile Lite is having a new winter update to celebrate the Christmas Festival. The developers added a lot of new winter-themed and Christmas-themed features to this update. Check them out below with

PUBG Mobile Lite New Lobby

PUBG Mobile Lite developers often change the look of the game lobby whenever they launch a new update or special celebration. This winter update will also have a new Christmas-themed lobby. It looks like a cozy house with a pine tree decorated with green and red baubles, presents, and tinsels. It will make you feel the atmosphere of the Christmas festival when playing this game.

New Lobby
There will be a new lobby.

Universal Mark

It's brought from PUBG Mobile to this game in this winter update. It lets players mark and send quick in-game messages to their teammates conveniently. Then, you can use this new feature to inform your teammates about enemies, and supplies, or call your teammates for support rapidly.

New Marks
You can use new quick marks.

Christmas-Themed Skins

Moreover, the game also introduced many Christmas-themed skins for in-game items. For example, you can obtain many stunning and beautiful parachute, bag, and weapon skins with winter festival patterns. Moreover, the game developers also added some Winter Parks to certain locations on the map. Then, PUBG Mobile Lite players can land there, loot event-themed supplies, and enjoy the atmosphere of the winter festival.

Winrter Castle
There will be a new Winter Castle.

Winter Castle

Apart from winter parks, players can also visit Winter Park on Varenga Map with a lot of amazing loots. Besides, this location is supposed to be a high-risk place where a lot of players land for good loots and sightseeing.

High Risk Place
It Can Be A High-Risk Place

Graffiti and Smoke-trail

They are totally new features with PUBG Mobile Lite players but PUBG Mobile players are surely familiar with these items. These items will make the game more exciting and fascinating, especially at this Christmas festival.

Frozen Egg

Another new feature in this winter update is the Frozen Egg. You can use this throwable to make a good cover when engaging in open fights.

Winter Eggs
The game also introduced new Winter Eggs