PUBG Mobile may be the first name to join the equation when speaking of Battle Royale games on the handheld platform. The original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was actually the title that brings the BR genre closer to the world’s gaming community. Its invasion into the mobile market has achieved massive success. While the global economy is standing on halt due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, PUBG Mobile, as well as other titles in the genre, have been showing consistent performance on both revenue and player base growth. With Season 14 of the game coming to an end, let’s check out the changes in PUBG Mobile ranking system points in Season 15. 

Like most of the other games in the BR genre, PUBG Mobile has a ranking system. It serves as a tool to categorize players on the basis of their skill levels to maintain a balanced gaming scene as well as to add some competitiveness. The game has gone through a total of 14 Rank Seasons, with the 14th coming to an end. Officials have announced the new changes to the PUBG Mobile ranking system points in the upcoming Season 15. If you haven’t got the gist of it, check out our explanation right down below.

Pubg Mobile New Era Season 15
PUBG Mobile: New Era is coming

PUBG Mobile Ranking System Points: the System Explained 

As you may know, PUBG Mobile uses the general ELO/MMR system to grade players and divide them into different rankings. This is the simplest terms in a communal rating system. The number of points you gain or lose depends entirely on how well you perform in the community. There are fixed milestones, upon reaching whom players will rank up or demoted to a lower tier. The points are transferred between the community based on the expected performance (the AI does this when matchmaking). PUBG Mobile ranking system points will automatically generate in some cases, for example, when players are under PUBGs tier protection.

Pubg Mobile Banner
PUBG Mobile uses the MMR Ranking System

Season 15 of PUBG Mobile will see no major changes in the rank tier list. To be more specific, the same 8 tiers that you’re familiar with remain: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror. Each tier then has 5 divisions from I to V, except for the Ace and Conqueror Tiers - each has one division only. After finishing the first rank game, players are categorized as Bronze. The number of points you gain each match also decreases the further you advance in ranks. For instance, an SSS game in Bronze will grant you 145 points or more, while an SSS Diamond game only gives 45. 

Factors Affecting PUBG Mobile Ranking System Points

There are five elements contributing to your overall Ranking Points (RPs) gained from each match:

  • Survival Time (Crucial for good RPs)
  • Number of kills
  • Support (health restored, revives)
  • Supplies
  • Damage
Pubg Mobile Profile
Each game mode has a different ranking

PUBG Mobile ranking system points are largely determined by wins and kills. The longer you survive, the more points you get - the same thing applies to your kill counts. However, one should always prioritize “Chicken Dinner” over finishing off other players since the kill rating only accounts for 20% of the overall. You need to decide carefully when to fight and when to move. 

PUBG Mobile Ranking System Points List 

Now we hope that you have a better perspective on the PUBG Mobile ranking system. It’s pretty straightforward: the more kills and wins you have under your belt, the better your rank. However, knowing everything about the PUBG Mobile ranking system points list may go along way in calculating the number you need to tier up. With that being said, this is the full listing of PUBG Mobile ranks by points.

Pubg Mobile Ranks
Full list of PUBG Mobile ranking system

Full PUBG Mobile Ranking System Points List:

  • Bronze: 
  • Silver: 1700 - 2199 RP
  • Gold: 2200 - 2699 RP
  • Platinum: 2700 - 3199 RP
  • Diamond: 3200 - 3699 RP
  • Crown: 3700 - 4199 RP
  • Ace: 4200 RP+ (100 RP more equals 1 star)
  • Conqueror: Ace 6 stars+
Pubg Mobile Lite Rank List
PUBG Mobile Lite rank list is pretty much the same

There is no fixed RP milestone to the Conqueror tier. It means that you can directly get to Conqueror if your ratings are among the top 500 in the current server. However, do expect to face fierce competition in this stage since you will be playing against the skilled players. Finishing at lower places in a match takes quite a hefty chunk out of your RPs. The list of Conquerors is updated constantly, so remember to check your profile regularly. 

PUBG Mobile Ranking System Points in Season 15

Season 15 of PUBG Mobile is right around the corner as the publisher announced the release scheduled for September 13th. The rankings will be reset as usual. Players kick off the season competitive scene from a lower-tier depending on their performance in the previous Season. Here’s the information on the Rank decay in pre-Season 15:

Pubg Mobile Rank List
Prepare for the Season 15 rank reset
  • Below Gold V: remain the same tier
  • Gold V - II: drop to Gold V
  • Gold I - Platinum V: drop to Gold IV
  • Platinum III - I: drop to Gold III
  • Diamond V - III: drop to Gold II
  • Diamond II - I: drop to Gold I
  • Crown V - IV: drop to Platinum V
  • Crown III-II: drop to Platinum IV
  • Crown I: drop to Platinum III
  • Ace 1 - 5 stars: drop to Platinum II
  • Ace 6 stars - Conqueror: drop to Platinum I

PUBG Mobile Lite Ranking System Points 

PUBG Mobile Lite has pretty much the same ranking system as the original version, just with different names. Specifically, we have Beginner, Novice, Experienced, Skilled, Specialist, Expert, and finally, Survivor. From the Beginner to the Skilled tier, each has 5 divisions separated by a 200 RP gap. If you’re familiar with the full version, then dealing with the PUBG Mobile Lite ranking system points will be an easy task.

That concludes our guide on PUBG Mobile ranking system points. To cut it short, you earn Ranking Points or RPs in matches based on your performance (mostly survival and kills). There are 8 tiers in the game, with Conqueror being the most prestigious one. Upon reaching a 100 RP milestone, you will rank up 1 division, 5 divisions equal 1 tier. Happy grinding and find yourself a favorable starting point in the next Season 15. Stay tuned to for more in-depth guides, tips, and tricks regarding the world of gaming.