PUBG Mobile offers you many guns for long-range engagements. Kar98K and Mk14 are the two most effective weapons for long-range combat but which one is better? Let's compare and pick up the better gun here with

Mk14 Vs Kar98K: Power

Both MK14 and Kar98K use 7.62mm ammo. However, they belong to two different weapon categories. Kar98K is a bolt-action sniper while Mk14 is a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). Moreover, Kar98K features only a single firing mode. Meanwhile, MK14 offers users two firing modes, including single and auto.

Mk14 is a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)

In terms of damage, Kar98K has greater hit damage. A bullet of this SR can produce huge damage of 79 while it's only 61 in Mk14. However, the damage per second of Mk14 is greater because its delay time is shorter. In addition, you can use the auto mode to spray bullets.

Kar98k Pubg Mobile
Kar98K is a bolt-action sniper that has greater hit damage

Mk14 Vs Kar98K: Range & Attachments

PUBG Mobile Kar98K is most powerful and effective in long-range combat. However, you can use Mk14 in short, medium, and long-range engagements. Therefore, find a set of scopes to switch in different ranges of combat.

The best sight/scope attachment for Kar98K is a 6x or 8x scope. Then, you can find a sniper suppressor or flash hider to hide your position. Meanwhile, you need to attach a compensator and an extended quick-draw mag to reduce gun recoil of Mk14 and increase ammo capacity.

Mk14 Vs Kar98K: Popularity

Kar98K is actually more popular and easy to find than Mk14. It's spawned in houses, compounds, and buildings on five maps. However, PUBG Mobile players can only find an Mk14 in the airdrop. But not all airdrops in this game give you this gun.

Mk14 is only spawned in the airdrop