PUBG Mobile is a shooting game. So, the weapon is an important element. AKM and SCAR-L are two of the most powerful and popular assault rifles in this game. But which one is better? Which is suitable for you? Check it out here with

AKM Vs. SCAR-L: Power

Comparing the power of these two guns, we need to compare the damage per hit and the rate of fire. In terms of damage, AKM deals great damage of 47 per hit while it's 41 in SCAR-L. Moreover, AKM uses 7.62 ammo which has a greater armor penetration rate than 5.56 ammo that SCAR-L uses. So, AKM is a little more powerful than SCAR-L.

AKM is a powerful weapon

The firing rate of SCAR-L is 0.096. AKM has a lower rate of fire which is 0.1s. It means the number of bullet SCAR-L releases per second is higher. Therefore, SCAR-L wins in terms of firing rate although the gap is not noticeable.

Gold Scar L
SCAR-L has a high rate of fire

SCAR-L Vs. AKM: Recoil & Reloading Time

One of the greatest problems of AKM is great recoil. This beast AR is one of the top hard-to-control weapon in PUBG Mobile due to its huge recoil rate. In contrast, SCAR-L is one of the most balanced and stable guns in this game. It has such a low recoil rate that you can attach a compensator to shoot without gun recoil.

SCAR-L is stable and easy to use

Besides, SCAR-L also has a lower reload duration. It takes you only 2.2s to reload the SCAR-L without quickdraw mag. Meanwhile, you waste 2.9s to reload a default mag of AKM.

AKM Vs. SCAR-L: Popularity

SCAR-L is only spawned in three out of five maps in PUBG Mobile. It's replaced by QBZ in Sanhok and G36C in Vikendi. AKM is more popular. It appears in all five maps of this game.

Akm Popular
AKM is more popular in PUBG Mobile

In short, AKM is a very popular and powerful weapon. It's also a favorite weapon of pro players. Meanwhile, SCAR-L is more suitable for beginners who have to deal with gun recoil.