PUBG Mobile has launched a community event titled "King of Ancients". It comes to this game in the Ancient Secrets Update and brings players a great chance to get UC for free. Check out this event and how to get free UC from it here with

PUBG Mobile King of Ancients Event

The latest Update in PUBG Mobile named Ancient Secrets brought a lot of amazing and exciting features. For example, players can explore the floating ruins on the two largest maps in this game, including Erangel and Miramar. Moreover, you can also participate in the interesting journey of Treasure Hunt. And now, the game publisher continues to bring players a great chance to earn UC for free in a new event.

Floating Ruins
Floating Ruins in Ancient Secrets update

The game publisher has launched the King of Ancients event recently. Players of this battle royale game got a chance to earn free UC from this special event. You can showcase your gameplay to win UC. To join this competition, players have to record their gameplay in the floating ruins. Then, you need to post the video on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to join the event.

Pubg Mobile King Of Ancients Event
King Of Ancients Event

It can be a funny moment or a clutch against some enemies in the floating ruins. Next, you have to include the hashtag #PUBGMKing in the caption to make sure that your clip is submitted. Moreover, PUBG Mobile players can submit several records to participated in the event and get the prize. However, one player can win one prize in this event only. Therefore, only one clip will be chosen to join the final judgment. Then, other clips will be disqualified.

The Ruins
Your moments should be recorded in the ancient ruins

The first prize winner gets $100 in UC. The runner-up receives $75 in UC and players who win the 3rd to 5th prize get $25 in UC. To become the winners of this event and earn free UC, your clip should be unique and align with the event theme. This event will end on August 24th, 2020. So, you need to hurry.