PUBG Mobile hackers are exploiting this game and experience of true players. Tencent Games and PUBG Mobile team are working hard to remove those hackers and cheaters. Recently, Tencent has introduced a new anti-cheat system to fight cheaters and eliminate hackers from this game. Check it out here with

PUBG Mobile Introduced A New Anti-Cheat System

This new system of PUBG Mobile is promised to help the PUBG Mobile team catch hackers and cheaters. Then, this Safety Observation Period prevents hackers from using cheat tools in this game. The game developers aim to protect the fair and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Pubg Mobile New Anti Cheat System
Tencent Games Launched A New Anti-Cheat System

According to the developers of PUBG Mobile, this new anti-cheat system use artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Both of them are super advanced and effective in detecting hackers and cheat tools. This new mechanism will identify cheaters automatically when they use hack tools and try to gain unfair advantages in this game.

Pubg Mobile Account Ban
Cheaters Will Get A 10-Year Ban

When those cheaters violate the end-user license agreement when playing PUBG Mobile, the anti-cheat system will catch them right away. Then, it will prevent them from matching with other players before they can enter the match and use unfair advantages to kill true players.

Don't CHEAT or you will get BEAT

Therefore, the game system will require all players to play this game under the Safety Observation Period to ensure they do not cheat. If you do not play under the Safety Observation Period, you cannot match, spectate, and team-up. That's an action in the great effort to fight cheaters and hackers of PUBG Mobile. They always try to protect the fair gameplay and the best gaming experience for all players. Hackers and cheaters will get a long-time ban and lose their account for at least 10 years. So, you shouldn't use unfair advantages to play and win.