PUBG Mobile offers many attachments for all guns in this game. With the best attachment set, these weapons will be more powerful and stable. Here are the best weapon attachments for the most favorite guns in this game, including AKM, UMP, and SCAR-L.

Best Attachments For PUBG Mobile AKM

AKM is a powerful weapon with great recoil. Besides, it's also one of the most popular weapons in this game. With a full set of attachments, this weapon will become a beast and help you clear any enemies in is effective range.


You should attach a compensator to reduce the gun recoil of AKM. Next, find an extended quickdraw mag to increase the ammo capacity to 40. The scope selection is situational. You can use a red dot for close combat or a 4x for medium-range engagements.

Akm Pubg Mobile
You should find an extended mag for this gun

Best Attachments For UMP-45

UMP is one of the most popular and favorite SMGs in this game due to its great hit damage and stability. Because the gun recoil of UMP is very low, you don't have to find a compensator for this gun. Instead, you should attach a flash hider or suppressor to hide your position.

UMP 45

An extended quickdraw magazine is always the best choice for all guns in this game. Besides, you can find a holographic sight or red dot for better aiming with this gun. In addition, it will be more stable with a foregrip.

Best Attachments For SCAR-L In PUBG Mobile

SCAR-L is a powerful AR that is most effective in short and medium-range combat. Therefore, the best muzzle for this gun is a compensator to help reduce gun recoil.

SCAR-L is a powerful AR

If you cannot find extended quickdraw mag, you can find an extended mag to increase the ammo capacity. The recommended sight/scope for this gun is a 4x scope.