The Diablo franchise is one of the most famous Action RPG series of all time, however, no games have ever been ported to mobile yet. With Diablo Immortal, the mobile version, being in development, we would list out the 5 Best RPG Game On Android on this list.

1 – Bastion

Action RPGs usually focus on the gameplay and combat… however, that’s not the case with Bastion. The first title from Supergiant Games has earned huge renown with its story. The game set in the aftermath of a cataclysmic event that devastated the city of Caelondia.

best rpg games for android
Best RPG games for android offline: Bastion is an artistic masterpiece


2 – Eternium

Eternium is one of the most similar game to Diablo 3 that you can find on Mobile. In this game, you would play as either a mage, bounty hunter, or warrior in a quest to prevent an ancient evil named Ragadam from destroying the world.

best free rpg game on android
Best free RPG game on android: Eternium's gameplay and map design

Your quest would lead you from planet to planet, facing deadly enemies like dragons and aliens… In your journey, you would collect companions to aid in combat – your party would gain more powers with levels.

Gears are the best part of Eternium, with pretty much every system in Diablo copied. You can equip gears on nearly every major body part, input gems to modify them, collect sets, reroll, and more. The campaign is huge, with additional “special trials” levels sprinkled in.

3 – Titan Quest

Titan Quest is a literal diablo 2 clone who has gathered a decent fanbase ever since the PC version. Now, after it gets ported to Android and iOS, you can relive everything that has made the ARPG genre famous.

top 5 diablo games android
Top 5 diablo games android: Titan Quest gameplay on Mobile

The game set in Ancient Greece, in which gods and mythical creatures live close to humans. A disastrous event happen, with the monster Medusa unleashes hordes of evil all over the place – it is your task to clear them out and save the world.

You can expect from this game everything Diablo 2 has – from the intensive items/rune system, a diverse skill/mastery classes… and more. Overall, you can think of TQ as Greek Diablo.

4 – Crashlands

Crashlands is from a slightly different genre than Diablo. In this game, you would have to survive, craft, and explore an alien planet after crash-landed on it – all to protect a package and deliver it to the target location.

Best RPG games for android offline
Best RPG games for android offline: Crashlands gameplay

Everything on the planet is out for your blood and you have to craft your way to survive. The weapon and equipment system is the strong point of this game – the main character can have one primary and 4 secondary weapons, along with 4 trinkets and armor pieces.

Overall, this is pretty much a hybrid of Minecraft’s exploration and crafting and Diablo’s Combat and Gear Optimization. Crashland's graphical requirements are rather low - you can pretty much play the game on any type of phone.

5 – Book of Demons

This is a somewhat more lighthearted version of the usual Diablo experience, in which you would raid a dungeon to clear out the monster infestation inside. The maps are procedurally generated, which means a lot more replayability value – you can have multiple playthroughs using various classes and each one would be different than the other.

best rpg games for android
Best RPG games for android offline: Book of Demons gameplay

Loots in this game is the item cards system that you could pick up and equip, even in the middle of battle.

This is somewhat of a puzzle/diablo hybrid, with 3 difficulties and 3 characters to choose from. The classes are warrior, rogue, wizard, just like Diablo 1.

6 – Verdict for Best RPG Game On Android

These five games are probably the best of their type - if you are a fan of RPG but don't have the chance to play it on PC - try them out on Android would be your best bet.

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