It took Free Fire just under two years to completely take the mobile gaming scene by storm after its initial release back in September 2017. Now it stands among the most popular titles in India as well as the world, rivaling PUBG Mobile for the throne of the Battle Royale genre. Let’s be honest, with a whopping 500 million downloads as of February 2020, Free Fire is surely a prominent threat. However, such a gigantic demographic seems almost impossible to completely monitored. But they also dish out some incredible achievements that will make your drop. Check out the profile of the Free Fire highest level players. 

Free Fire Ob 23
Free Fire OB23 Update is now live on global servers

For a big game such as Free Fire, managing the community is one thing, but keeping them engaged in the title is a whole different ball game. Garena really tries to go above and beyond to introduce localized events that are signature to certain regions. The Free Fire constant update adding new characters as well as content is also a great way to draw the crowd’s attention. However, don’t skip on the achievement like getting the Free Fire highest level. Today, we are providing you with a list of players with the highest level in Free Fire.

Free Fire Highest Level: The Level Systems

There are various kinds of levels in Free Fire, such as the Battle Pass Level, or the character level. So, in order to be clear, we would like to notify you that our list actually looks at the players’ level. Now, if you’re a veteran Free Fire player, you will know that there isn’t a cap on this level. It means that the players can reach from level one to literally infinite. 

Free Fire Level Up
There is no level cap on Free Fire

However, the experience capacity you need to level between levels increases as you advance further. In other words, the longer you play, the harder it is to level up. That’s why reaching the highest level in Free Fire is so difficult. The average players’ level in the game only fluctuates between 45 to 55.

Free Fire Level Up Rewards
Level up and get rewards in Free Fire

To encourage gamers to grind for their levels, Garena offers various rewards as an incentive. After reaching certain milestones, you will be rewarded with items (skins, outfits, characters,...). Sounds easy enough? Getting free gifts just for leveling up, yet, it’s not that easy. There are only a handful of players who managed to pass the Free Fire level 100

Free Fire Highest Level Player List

Before getting into the actual list, we want to throw a disclaimer out there that this list is far from completion. It compiles all the IDs of the Free Fire highest level players as we know at this moment in 2021. We understand that there may be more, but it’s nearly impossible to name every one of them. With that being said, this is our Free Fire highest level player list, ranked from the level 100 to level 79.

Free Fire Highest Level 100

ID 1694335650 

Free Fire Level 100
Unfortunately, this 100 level player doesn't seem real

So far, this is the only account recorded with Free Fire level 100. There’s a huge gap between this player and the rest of the list. If you consider getting to level 79 or 80 hard, then reaching the 100th milestone is nearly impossible. Maybe that’s why we only come across one account capable of doing this so far. It’s perhaps the Free Fire highest level player in India as well as in the world. However, with a closer investigation, we can see the profile doesn’t make sense. The number of matches played is way too low, so are the other stats. Therefore, this could be an Admin account or some sorts of bots. 

Level 93 Player

By far, this is the highest-level player who is not a game-admin. He's from the Brazillian server by the name of INAFFABETUS.

ID: 121833076

Brazil Level 93 Player

Free Fire Highest Level 80+

Reaching this level segment is quite an achievement. You can just imagine the amount of time, effort, and cash that are put into these accounts. As far as we know, the real highest level player in Free Fire is at level 83.

#1 ID 358791342 (Level 81)

Free Fire Level 81 3
ROCKSTAR - Level 81

#2 ID 61471827 (Level 81)

Free Fire Level 81 2
Boss AMAN - Level 81

#3 ID 108157222 (Level 81)

Free Fire Level 81 1
harampannahi - Level 81

#4 ID 89574720 (Level 82)

Free Fire Level 82 2
SKIZO - Level 82

#5 ID 237647354 (Level 82)

Free Fire Level 82
DaddyCall - Level 82

#6 ID 89574720 (Level 83)

Free Fire Level 83
UNITY - Level 83 - The highest level player in Free Fire as we know

Free Fire Highest Level 79

Of course, we are not going to look at any account that falls to the category under level 79. You came for the Free Fire highest level player in India, perhaps the world, so it would be a shame to list any that doesn’t make it to 79. However, this is only the stepping point for your list today, so the number of players reaching the milestones will be the greatest. Let’s check them out.

#1 ID 121833076

free fire level 79 1
INFLIDER - Level 79

#2 ID 97653930

free fire level 79 2

#3 ID 55479535

free fire level 79 3
SABIR Boss - Level 79

#4 ID 166034346

free fire level 79 79 4
Gangster - Level 79

#5 ID 246694256

free fire level 79 5
Boss SANU - Level 79

#6 ID 132204503

free fire level 79 6
Boss NISHANT - Level 79

How to Reach Free Fire Highest Level Fast

Leveling up is super important in Free Fire. It doesn’t just unlock new features for you to enjoy, but also gives a sense of achievement - something you can show your friends. But, as we said previously, gaining a level will be increasingly harder as you advance further in the game. So, in order to aid your journey to become Free Fire highest level player in the world, please follow your guide right here:

  • From level 1-9: This is your starting point in Free Fire, so have some time to get familiar with the game. The best way to gain experience in this stage is by playing classic mode with your friends. Try to stay in the battle for as long as possible to boost the amount of experience. You should pass this beginning phase quickly. 
Free Fire Squad Rank
Playing ranked matches is the fastest way to level up
  • From level 9+: After you unlock Rank Mode, immediately switch to competitive matches to grind your level. This is the optimal route for leveling up. Combined with the 20% experience boost from ranked matchmaking, you’ll soon be on the way to become the Free Fire highest level player in the world

This has completed our article regarding the Free Fire highest level players. Though the game doesn’t put a cap on the max level, getting there is a challenge that only a handful of players can achieve. For more guides about Free Fire as well as other games and more, visit our website at