Garena Free Fire, or Free Fire for short, is a multiplayer Battle Royale game developed by 101 Dots and published by Garena. The game has taken the world by storm since its initial release back in 2017 and is the most downloaded free mobile game of 2019. With millions of players scattering across the globe, you can expect Free Fire to be quite competitive. While great gamers found themselves at the top of the list, there are still some struggling to get out of lower-tier placements. So, we’re here with a guide into how to push rank in Free Fire to help you grind all the way to Heroic with ease. 

How To Push Rank In Free Fire: The Ranking System

As a saying goes, “Know your enemy”. The very first step on how to push your rank in Free Fire starts with learning about the game’s ranking system itself. It’s basically a system designed to evaluate your in-game performance based on points gained from each match. The better you play, the higher your rank is. Putting players into different placements depending on their mastery and skill also helps keep Free Fire balanced and enjoyable. Furthermore, it motivates the community by providing a sense of achievement and rewards after you reach a certain rank.

how to push the rank in free fire rank list
The Free Fire rank list is divided into six tiers

Like most of the other games with a ranking system, Free Fire divides its own into different tiers, 6 to be exact. Starting with the lowest is Bronze, then we have Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and the last - also the highest placement is Heroic. Each tier then has subdivision to further categorize its player-base. The Ranking Point (RP) gap between each tier fluctuates between 500 to 600. 

How To Push Rank In Free Fire: Gain Ranking Points

Since your rank is determined by points, so in order to change your placement in the ladder, there’s no other way than increasing or decreasing your ranking points. How to push rank fast in Free Fire depends on how fast you can gather up RPs. You’ll get the most RPs for winning the entire game. The longer you survive, the more points you earn. Getting kills of other players also contribute to the total ranking. But if you blindly rush into a fight without any plan or strategy, there’s a pretty high chance that you may lose more points than you earn. Therefore, the number one priority should always be staying alive for as long as possible when grinding.

how to push up rank in free fire get kills
Don't focus too much on getting kills for RPs

How To Push Rank In Free Fire: Useful Strategies

Free Fire isn’t just a mere game of skill. In order to come out on top, you’ll need a combination skill, game knowledge, strategy, and a tiny bit of luck. Fortunately, these factors, excluding luck, of course, can be practiced or learned over time. With that being said, here’s a list of some useful strategies that you can employ to ease the Heroic grind. 

Play With Your Friends

Have you ever experienced a game where there was a total stranger on your team who completely mess up everything? That’s not how you want your games to be when grinding to Heroic. However, there’s a simple solution to that - just play with your trusted friends. The fact that you know each other’s skill cap makes it much easier to cooperate and win the entire round. Plus, you won’t have to worry about communication as to when playing with a total stranger. Forming a squad of friends who regularly play the game may be the way to Heroic. 

how to push rank fast in free fire squad
A squad of friends may be just what you need to climb the rank

Choose A Focus, Then Stick With It

The next strategy on how to push rank in Free Fire is playing for the objective. The main purpose of everyone is to win, but, it can be divided into smaller objectives or goals. Be receptive and modify your objectives to meet the current status of the map. Decide on what you want to do in order to survive, and stick with it. Lower ranked players tend to get distracted by fights they shouldn’t take, only to end up missing the circle and lose their advantage. Some of the prominent objectives are getting a good drop zone, getting your weapon of choice, securing strategic points on the map, and surviving. 

how to push rank in free fire objective
Choose your objective carefully according to the status of the game

Locate A Regular Drop Zone

Knowing the map, the terrain can provide you with certain advantages when engaging in a fight. You know the place like the back of your hands while the enemy’s discovering it for the first time. That’s why our next strategy on how to push your rank in Free Fire is to locate a drop zone that you will visit the most. It doesn’t have to be a place of great loots, because it may attract more players. You just need adequate equipment, and a throughout knowledge of the drop zone. Use it to your advantage, set up an ambush, or push to eliminate anyone who dares to cross your zone.

how to push rank in free fire drop zone
Dropping in regular sites yields a higher chance of success

Pick A Weapon Of Choice

We all know that shooting games have a large collection of weaponry, and it’ll take forever to master every gun there is. Instead, just choose the one that you’re most comfortable with. Weapons with high recoil like the AK is not ideal for new players. Our tip on how to push up rank in Free Fire for beginners is to stick with the trusty M4A1 or SCAR - both with great firepower and are easy to control. 

how to push rank in free fire m4a1
M4A1 is still among the most efficient guns in almost every game

Just Keep On Going

The difference between Heroic players and Bronze ones doesn’t lie in the skills only, but also on their perspectives over losing. Lower ranked players tend to get frustrated fast and end up quitting the game entirely. What about the pro players? They keep on going, trying, failing until making their way to the top. Mental is also important when it comes to how to push the rank in Free Fire. Play, lose, and learn, that’s the way you truly develop. Gamers at the Heroic tier have played thousands of matches to perfect their skills and playstyle. After all, “practice does make perfect”. 

how to push rank in free fire try
Don't give up on the game too early

That’s all for now on our guide on how to push rank in Free Fire. In summary, there are five tips that you can employ to enhance your competitive placement: play with your friends around objectives, pick a location and weapon that you’re happy with, and keep on grinding. The way to Heroic isn’t easy, but with the right mindset, we believe that you can do it. If you’re looking for more guides, tips, and tricks regarding the world of gaming, make sure to visit our website at