Rafael is one of the characters in Free Fire whose special ability allows him to not be seen on the minimap when shooting for 8 seconds. Surely, this character Rafael and his skill are very useful for those of you who often use Silencers.

The 5 Best Characters in Garena Free Fire on PC rafael

Rafael is ideal for the lonely assassins who often set up ambushes and want to keep themselves hidden at all times. Rafael is a highly-trained assassin who has mastered his skill, called “Dead Silent”. Once activated, Rafael can shoot his weapons without fear of getting marked on the opponents' minimaps, which can keep his location relatively hidden as long as his ability is active.

This ability has a 90-second cooldown, which means that the player should not activate it too liberally, especially in a hotspot with lots of enemies. Rafael should only use his ability when he finds himself with a perfect opportunity to ambush an opponent, and not have to wait for the skill to cool down.

Rafael's ability is an interesting one that you understand when to use in Free Fire. But, do you know how to maximize the effectiveness of the character Rafael? Here are 3 simple tips that can make the assassin as deadly as Agent 47 in the battlefield:

Take Advantage of Moco's skills

Moco has the ability to mark enemies for a few seconds. You can use one of the Rafael skill slots by placing the Moco character ability there. After you shoot using the Rafael character skill, the enemy presence will be on the map if combined with the Moco skill.

The 5 Best Characters in Garena Free Fire on PC moco

Take Advantage of Laura's Skill

Almost the same as the character Moco, Laura is very suitable when combined with Rafael. Since Rafael's unique skill is more suitable for long-range weapons such as AR weapons, you can put Laura's character skill in one of Rafael's skill slots to increase accuracy when using Scope.

laura free fire character

Bring Silencer and Muzzle in Every Free Fire Match

You should definitely bring these two pieces of equipment with you since Rafael's skill has a cooldown. When your "Dead Silent" Skill is cooling down you can maintain some stealth by changing the Muzzle attachment to the Silencer.

Muzzle or silencer? 75% free fire players don't know #SVJGaming rafael character

And these have been some quick tips that you should try out if you use the character Rafael often. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at GuruGamer.com.