PUBG Mobile turned 2 years old this year and is one of the most popular Battle Royale games on mobile devices out there. Instead of losing active players and followers, PUBG Mobile has continued to gain more fans and devotees, especially during the current pandemic. But Garena Free Fire has become extremely popular lately, too.

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Tencent recently announced that the company made huge earnings as people around the world go under lockdown and spend more time with their phones. Likewise, Garena said that their popular BR game reached a user peak of 80 million in just a single day.

But why is it that PUBG Mobile continues to maintain such a high level of popularity when games like Free Fire are gaining so many followers? Why are tournaments that involve PUBG Mobile more significant and the prizes are more sought after? This is because PUBG Mobile continues to have certain advantages and uniqueness that Free Fire doesn't have.

Of course, this doesn't mean Free Fire does not have its own strengths that make certain players choose the game over PUBG Mobile. But for PUBG Mobile to still be at the forefront when it comes to mobile BR games in the face of such competition is very commendable.

So what are the reasons that make PUBG Mobile stand out more compared to an equally interesting competitor like Free Fire? This is what we will explore in this article. Here are 5 reasons that give PUBG Mobile an edge over Free Fire in the year 2020:

PUBG Mobile has a lot more realism

If you have seen the gameplay of players playing PUBG on PC or you have played it yourself, you'd know how realistic the game is. PUBG on PC looks very realistic, all aspects that occur in the game feel like the real thing. This is of course applied to the mobile version too.

Having a map that is truly realistic makes this game very popular. If you see a game with a map or playing area that doesn't seem to make sense, it's likely that you will only be mildly impressed or even become uninterested.

The game creates maps or playing areas that are truly like in real life. For example, we have Erangel, which is based on the geographical conditions of a military island in Russia, a desert shaped like Miramar, Sanhok taken from the geographical conditions of forests in Southeast Asia to the highly realistic snow-themed Vikendi.

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In fact, to add to the essence of the game, PUBGM actually does surveys of various places in the world to make buildings that will be turned into a location for each map.

In addition to the map, you must be really impressed with the weapons available in PUBG Mobile. The game has a variety of weapons, and these weapons are not just made-up weapons. Weapons in PUBG Mobile really exist in the real world, and the design is very similar to the original.

Not only are the shapes and names varied, but each weapon in PUBGM also has its own characteristics. The recoil, fire rate, and even damage are made to be as realistic as possible. Imagine how difficult it is to play PUBG Mobile if you are accustomed to playing BR games that use the auto-aim feature, or don't have much recoil at all?

PUBG Mobile does not have Pay-To-Win like Free Fire

PUBG Mobile is a game that relies on skills. And PUBGM often offers a variety of cool skins to decorate items and even your character's vehicles. Prices are also varied, and many skins can only be obtained by spending lots of money.

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However, even with so much money spent, these skins cannot help you win the game. As expensive as any skin you have, the skin will not add damage, accelerate the fire rate, or even reduce recoil. Everything is purely to decorate your character's equipment.

PUBG Mobile has many useful game modes

Not just classic mode, PUBG Mobile has a variety of game modes that you can try anytime and anywhere. And they are not just for fun, because every mode in PUBG Mobile also indirectly helps you to hone your shooting skills and come up with strategies in a game.

Every time you play other modes besides the classic mode, there are no points added or subtracted. Different game modes, of course, also differ in how the strategy and gameplay are applied.

For example, when you play Team Deathmatch mode, you are trained in how to move quickly and shoot quickly and accurately. Payload mode makes you have to practice strategies on how to fight using weapons that launch explosions. Sniper Training will force you to survive in urgent conditions and train in the use of sniper bolt-action weapons or DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle).

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A variety of game modes in PUBGM will certainly save you from boredom. And if you want to play PUBGM without having to fear losing ranking points, or want to play PUBG Mobile but don't have a lot of time, then these game modes other than classic mode will be the answer.

PUBG Mobile has a more useful Ranking system

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game which is very fair in terms of grouping the ranks. Ranking on the game is divided by server and number of player modes. So, you can clearly see how the statistics show your skills. If you often play in solo mode, then the ranking system changes to only solo mode, without affecting duo mode or squad mode.

This is an online Battle Royale game whose ranking system is based on the combination of three modes, so it would be difficult to see how detailed your skills or performance are in each mode. Thanks to this ranking system, you will be able to easily see in which mode you are superior. If you often play alone, are you better at solo, duo, or squad mode?

PUBG Mobile has more unique and exclusive items

PUBG Mobile is a BR game that often collaborates with big brands. For example, PUBG Mobile has collaborated with Resident Evil 2 games, Angry Birds, Godzilla films. Even a fashion brand like BAPE has also been invited to collaborate.


These big-brand collaborations allow PUBGM to produce exclusive skins that can only be obtained during the collaboration event. Apart from collaborating, skins or rewards offered by PUBG Mobile often look unique and different, so it is natural that many players are willing to spend lots of money just to get them.

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Hopefully, the article has explained why PUBG Mobile continues to be popular thanks to five main advantages over Free Fire. That doesn't make the game any better, and competition between the two games means the players benefit from a better and better gameplay experience!

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