Thanks to the Free Fire Advance Server, a lot of potential new Free Fire OB22 updates and changes to the game have been made known to other players. We already know that along with recently-announced character Clu, at least another new character will also come to Free Fire, such as Wolfrahh, weapons like the M82B, and a new pet whose name is Falco.

Since the Advance Server of Free Fire was officially opened on May 20, we can also take a look at other new cosmetic changes that will give the game a different feel every time you play it. So for those of you who are curious about new things on the Advance Server, let's check out some of them below:

1. Free Fire OB22 - New Loading Screen

If the Garena Free Fire Live Server loading screen is Kapella's character, on this Advanced Server you will be greeted with Hayato's character. This samurai looks cool and handsome while throwing a knife with a red backdrop.

free fire ob22 update 5 new changes
New Hayato loading screen

2. Free Fire OB22 - New Login Screen

Usually, Garena Free Fire always displays the Incubator bundle via the login screen. Now, on the login screen there are two new characters, namely Clu and Wolfrahh who are seen relaxing on the beach. Are these signs of a new summer-themed bundle coming out?

Free Fire OB22 Advance Server APK Download free fire ob22 update 5 new changes
New summer-themed login screen

3. Free Fire OB22 - New Lobby Screen

Garena Free Fire has been showing airplane hangars for a few months for your lobby screen, filled with colors that tend to be darker. But this time the lobby screen is beach-themed with bright colors, similar to the new login screen.

NEW UPCOMING FREE FIRE LOBBY/ADVANCE SERVER/OB22 UPDATE MAY 2020 free fire ob22 update 5 new changes ...
New lobby screen

4. Free Fire OB22 - New Lobby

Rather than the current Free Fire Live Server lobby, the Lobby on Advanced Server is much different, where you will be placed in a city that is destroyed and full of dust. If you take Zipline twice, you can see the mammoth skeleton in the Kalahari.

free fire ob22 update 5 new changes free fire kalahari
New Kalahari lobby

5. Free Fire OB22 - Souvenirs

Although it is not yet known what the function of the Souvenir pin feature is, it certainly looks like something that can be obtained from completing missions and participating in events. To see this feature, you should click on the Collection column then swipe down. The location of Souvenir is under the Emote tab.

free fire ob22 update 5 new things
New Souvenir tab

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