It looks like the developers of Free Fire are already hard at work at preparing the new changes that we will find in the game when it is updated to the next version. And it is possible that the first among the changes has been shown to us, in the form of a very powerful new sniper rifle.

M82B Gun Free Fire
We could be seeing a new weapon that surpasses even this bad boy

On the Free Fire Official Twitter page based in Brazil, Garena has apparently announced the M82B Gun Free Fire. which clearly refers to the classic Barrett M82, one of the deadliest sniper rifles in the world. Even just mentioning its name draws attention based on how powerful it is.

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Currently, Free Fire has four weapons that are considered sniper rifles: the KAR98k the AWM, the SKS, and the VSS. The first one is fairly common and can knock an enemy out as long as he's not wearing a helmet. The other option, the AWM, is somewhat more powerful and damaging, even for players with higher armor. The other two occupy a middle ground.

It is likely the first of the novelties that will arrive in the next update of Free Fire and it is really interesting to imagine what role this new sniper rifle will play in Free Fire. There are currently four very recognizable weapons of this type in the game, and two of them are available almost from the beginning of the game.

From the looks of it, the M82B Gun Free Fire may be a weapon that could do one-shot kill on almost any opponent in the game, probably even the most well-protected. No doubt a new weapon like this would bring issues of balance and complaints of being overpowered when it makes its debut.

But almost every new weapon eventually receives tweaking to its stats, so over time, even a powerful weapon like this can find a role and not just be a camper's paradise.

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