Free Fire fans probably know all about the updates of Free Fire for this month of May that are now available. The updates weren't as numerous as the previous ones, but they are still interesting and fulfilled high expectations by turning Clash Squad into a competitive mode. And there is still more. Read on so you are aware of all the changes.

Clash Squad is one of the FF community's favorite modes, and there have been many calls for it to be competitive. Fortunately, Garena listened to our requests. The qualifying mode is different from the Battle Royale gameplay. Here you can go up in ranks, and if you win a game you increase your rank, otherwise, you lose it.

On top of that, they brought out changes to the UMP, CG15, light grenade, increased the price of the XM8 and M1014, and added the KAR98K attachment. Among the inclusions are the M60, Thompson, and Smoke Grenade (the last two are new additions to the game).

Garena is making serious changes to the game. Maybe the company plans to take it to a higher level, like gearing up for an official championship. Everything indicates that in the near future we will continue to see more positive changes.

Changes in Kalahari - Free Fire May Updates

A frequent complaint about Kalahari is that the map is loaded with slightly unnecessary elements. So Garena reduced the number of them as following:

  • Refinery : reduction of containers and distances between platforms. They also included stairs to connect them.
  • Labyrinth : reduced labyrinth height.
Garena Free Fire: Đảo Sa Mạc cho Android - Tải về APK free fire may updates
The Kalahari map received a few changes that removed unnecessary obstacles in the game
  • Ruins : reduction of containers and added roads between the upper and lower platforms.
  • Other areas : reduction of unnecessary coverage.

They also adjusted the saturation and lightness and modified the airplane's movements. Now it will fly higher to reach other areas.

Free Fire New character - Kapella

Kapella is a K-Pop star. Her ability is called 'Healing Song'. This increases the effect of healing items by 10/12/14/16/18/20%, and the effect of healing ability by 10%. It also reduces your own HP loss rate and your teammates by 20/22/24/26/28/30%. The effect is non-cumulative.

Garena gây sốc khi quyết định “free” nhân vật cực khủng trong free fire may updates
Free Fire gets a K-Pop character who heals with her ability

Free Fire New Weapon - Thompson

The Thompson is a very powerful, accurate and stable SMG. You can deal some serious pain with it, perhaps too much pain. For now, it is normal that it is so broken. Over time Garena will patch this bad boy.

Free fire thompson gun trick (99% headshot 🔥🔥) Thompson gun King free fire may updates
The Thompson SMG is extremely deadly and a way to get people to pay attention to SMGs

SMGs are slowly losing relevance in the game, except for the MP40 and in some cases the P90. The rest leaves a lot to be desired. Although, we hope that this new weapon, the Thompson, will increase the popularity of submachine guns because the majority of players are mostly using shotguns as a secondary weapon.

Thompson SMG stats

  • damage: 50
  • rate of fire: 77
  • magazine: 40
  • accuracy: 34
  • reload time: 48
  • range: 33

Available in Classic and Clash Squad.

Free Fire Weapons changes

These new adjustments demonstrate the poor utility of the machine guns which has been the case for a while now. The MP5 and the UMP are not competitive at all. That is why Garena modified them as follows:


In spite of its varied modifications like the Electrical Booster, the MP5 does not measure up.

  • rate of fire: +25%
  • accuracy: +7%
  • movement speed while shooting: +20%
Garena Free Fire. Best survival Battle Royale on mobile! free fire may updates
The trusty MP5 now packs a bit more punch
  • effective range: +13%
  • # of shots accuracy: 3 to 6
  • the grip can no longer be equipped


UMP is worse than MP5. Its problem (in addition to poor accuracy) is that it does not penetrate the opponent's armor well.

  • damage: +1
  • minimum damage: +5
  • armor penetration: 25%
Garena Free Fire. Best survival Battle Royale on mobile! free fire may updates
The UMP now also deals some more damage
  • recoil: -25%
  • movement speed: +15%
  • range: -5%


The M1887 was the terror of the game. This shotgun could burst heads from more than twenty meters away, and at close range, it was like in the hands of the Terminator. So much was its impact that the use of shotguns increased significantly.

To counter this, Garena increased the cooldown and reduced the minimum damage so that the opponent has time to react.

  • armor penetration: +6%
  • rate of fire: +4%
  • reload time: -30%
  • minimum damage: -1

Smoke grenade

For a long time smoke grenades have been requested (it is rare that it took so long to remove it). It is available in Clash Squad for a price of 300 tickets and you can only equip one.

It can create a great smokescreen, perfect for distraction, which lasts for 25 seconds. It makes us think about what role it will have in the competitive mode.

Free Fire New pet - Ottero

This cute pet converts 30/50/65% of the HP you receive from a first aid kit or healing pistol into EP. For now it seems like a lot. With such skill, you will practically always have a full EP bar.

Free Fire: Here Is How To Get Ottero Pet & Skin For Free – Mobile ... free fire may updates
New Pet Ottero is here to help you keep your EP maxed out anytime you use your healing items or pistol

Other major improvements/updates

  • two players can now ride on a motorcycle
  • it is not possible to hide on top of the foliage
  • when you fall from the plane, the backpack will have the skin you have equipped
Kalahari mode intense match [FREE-FIRE] - YouTube free fire may updates
The new update also rebalanced quite a few things and added others that improved immersion and authentic gameplay
  • reduced the difficulty of Kelly's missions
  • included a camouflage box only available in Kalahari
  • in all modes of Bermuda a blimp will fly over and drop good loot (available for a limited time)

And these are everything you need to know about the latest Free Fire changes. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at