The Free Fire community really loves the game that Garena has created for mobile devices, that does not discriminate based on the power and capability of those devices. And Survivors enjoy every update that Garena releases to the game. However, there is an issue that has been very present since the launch of the game: hackers.

Free Fire Login Error: Garena is working on a fix | free fire hack cheat ban account garena statement

In Free Fire, there are a much higher number of hackers than in other games, because it is much easier to use unauthorized software and APKs, and the community that plays the game normally is quite fed up with them. That is why Garena has released a new statement on the status and the work they have been doing against these individuals.

On the Latin American servers and social media accounts, Garena addressed how the company will from now on take a zero-tolerance approach to cheaters and hackers in Free Fire. Here's what they had to say on the FreeFireSA account (as translated by bots):

"We know the anger that has recently been felt in the community by [the hackers] presence. We understand that playing with a hacker generates a terrible and angry experience, and that is why we have always had a policy of zero tolerance towards the use of cheats or hacks, but we realized that we do not communicate our actions against them as we would like," said Garena on their FB post.

And they revealed the actions that are taken daily against Hackers, which are the following:

  • Accounts are suspended daily from those that use or have used APKs, software, scripts that partially or totally modify the game.
  • IPs are blocked so that these people do not ruin more experiences in the game again.
  • Devices are suspended, to be sure that they cannot re-create an account and log into Free Fire.
  • Those accounts that have used the hack known as the "Antenna" will be completely suspended. No matter when or how long they have used it.

free fire hack cheat ban account garena statement

Although all these precautions and measures are taken, the developers are aware that they cannot eliminate all hackers, that is why they ask that the community continue to report using the reporting system, in order to prevent hackers from dominating the gameplay and ruining the Survivor experience.

And we want to ask [the players] to continue reporting through our end-of-term reporting system because that way they help us to "locate" [hackers] sooner. And we also want to ask you, not to use hacks.

Don't cheat, don't use any unofficial APKs, don't use some kind of program that gives you an advantage. At the end of the day, we will always end up finding and suspending your accounts.

Garena affirms their commitment to keep making the game fun for Free Firers out there, and that the effort to keep the game fun requires competition and proving ourselves on the battlefield:

Free Fire is a game where we play with friends or by ourselves, where we spend hours of fun, where we show that we are the best on the battlefield, and we want to keep it that way. We know we still have a long way to go, but we make sure every day to stay one step ahead, yet we cannot do it without you.
It is for you is that Free Fire is what it is, and we want to continue enjoying this incredible game together.
Let's keep having fun!

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