Cheaters and hackers always annoy Free Fire players across the world. Sometimes, you are killed by a cheater and lose the game. It may drive you crazy. To maintain a fair game for everyone, Garena lets players report hackers and cheaters. It helps them a lot in removing hackers from this game. And here’s a detailed guide on how to report cheaters and hackers in Free Fire.

How To Report Cheaters/Hackers In Free Fire?

Hackers and cheaters are destroying the game and the experience of true players. They use cheat tools to have unfair advantages in HP, aiming, ammo, speed, and seeing through walls, etc. These hackers use these cheat tools, kill true players, and get Booyah easily. It makes a lot of true Free Fire players angry and annoyed.

Hacker In Free Fire
Hacker In Free Fire Makes Players Annoyed

If you suspect someone to be a cheater, just report him to let the developers know. Then, they will check and ban his account if he used a hack tool for real. Here are steps you need to do to report a hacker in this game after the match. If you think you have been killed by a hacker, you can report him right after watching the death replay.

If You Spot A Hacker, Just Report Him
If You Spot A Hacker, Just Report Him
  • Watch the death replay in View Mode, then click on the red button of the Report option.
  • Select the option ‘Hack’ in the first place and tab on confirm to send your report.

However, this option is only available in the Squad mode. Besides, you can use the in-game support to report Free Fire hackers. Follow these steps below:

  • Go to Setting and choose Customer Service in the Basic section. The page of Garena Customer Support will pop up.
  • Choose to Submit a Request and enter your email into the box.
  • Select the type of problem, choose Abuse Report.
  • Provide some details or descriptions to give the developers further information about the hacker. For example, you can tell them what kind of hack tool the cheater use.
  • Enter the Exact nickname and ID of the hacker in the game.
  • Attach a screenshot of the cheating gameplay of the hacker in the game.