Last Friday, April 24, Garena issued a new statement regarding the hackers in Free Fire. According to the company, in about 14 days 50,000 accounts were banned, which belonged to players who used a hack or third-party applications to gain advantages in Free Fire matches. In a note, Garena informed us that these hacking bans on Free Fire occurred in the period from 8 to 21 April 2020.

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The scene all of us dread to see

The same note highlighted an important point, that there are players losing their accounts due to the fact that they are passing on their passwords to other users who end up using a hack without their owners knowing it.

Announcement from Garena on banning Free Fire cheaters

Below is a list of accounts that we permanently banned from the OB21 version to the present moment:

We do not recommend that players use third party software or hack so that they do not lose their account for anything. We are constantly updating anti-hacking tools.

In addition, we also record cases where account holders shared and disclosed their account information to friends and strangers who used hacks. We hope that players can carefully protect their accounts.

For a clean and growing gaming community, we really hope that players are more aware and “make their own” milestones on Free Fire.

We guarantee that the achievements achieved will be much more significant than achieved through frauds.

How to unlock banned account in free fire - YouTube
Garena also uses bans to make some money from diamonds as well

One of the main complaints of the community is the hackers in the game, the users who circumvent the system to use undue advantages during matches. But Garena always stays on top of the issue, often stating that they are always banning these "players" and making improvements.

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