Every single player in PUBG Mobile is all too familiar with the cheating problem in PUBG Mobile. As a free to play game, cheaters can just create another account after getting banned by PUBG Mobile. Also, more and more new types of cheats are coming out every day to avoid the detection of the anti-cheat software of PUBG Mobile.

Sometimes, it is really hard to tell if someone is cheating or just good at the game. But PUBG Mobile sure is doing there best to carry out the Ban Pan Project and get rid of all cheaters as soon as possible. PUBG Mobile has even released a video explaining how they detect the cheater and give them the ban they deserved.

Many professional PUBG Mobiel players and streamers have been alleged for cheating simply because they are too good or some glitches happened in their game.

Recently, while CarryMinati was live-streaming his PUBG Mobile gameplay, suddenly just for a split of a second, the sky in his game turned weird and many people were convinced that it was of the proof of him using a cheat. And then we started to see tons of video on YouTube saying that CarryMinati is cheating in PUBG Mobile using that tiny moment.

Carryminati Exposed Hacking On Livestream Explaine
The moment when the sky in a PUBG Mobile game of CarryMinati on stream turn weird

So is it true that CarryMinati is using cheat software to boost his rank in PUBG Mobile? The answer is absolutely not. It turns out that what we were witnessing is just a very common graphical glitch in PUBG Mobile and it has nothing to do with cheating in PUBG Mobile at all. However, there will always be some people who cannot accept the fact that CarryMinati is just a good player, not a cheater.