A few weeks ago, CarryMinati challenged MortaL for a 1vs1 TDM showdown with a video on YouTube and the popular PUBG Mobile pro player accepted it also with a video. Since then, fans have been waiting and waiting for this battle to happen.

The day has finally come when the legendary battle between Carry vs MortaL started yesterday. You could tell how much fans have been waiting for this match just by looking at the number of viewers. On CarryMinati channel, the live stream got over 200 thousand live concurrent viewers at a time while MortaL also had up to more than 180 thousand concurrent views max on his channel.

They played 3 Team Deathmatch matches in total. The first two matches ended up in a draw. However, if you look closely, it is obvious that MortaL was just letting it loose to make it more fun and entertaining for the viewers. In fact, you can see him using his Skorpion very frequently instead of his M416. However, fans can still clearly see that his movements and rotations were still very sharp as he is a pro player.

In the finals CarryMinati vs MortaL match, there is no more fun and game anymore. MortaL started to go all out on CarryMinati, which left the YouTuber no chance of winning. The final match ended up with a total score of 25-4 in MortaL favor.

CarryMinati said he had been practicing really hard and even had ScoutOP trained him. But it will take him more than that to defeat such an experienced PUBG Mobile pro player like MortaL.

However, in a match like this, the final Carry vs MortaL result is nothing important at all, but it was the fun that both of our favorite content creators and the viewers had. It's really fun to see such a great showdown like this in the PUBG Mobile community in India and I am sure there will be more in the future.