Activision's Call Of Duty Mobile has become a rage in India with its new mechanics and updates. The developers plan to build a mega-market for its Indian users. After the United States, India has become a major market with specific features for lower-end phones and low data speed. Recently, Naman Mathur aka MortaL, a professional PUBG Mobile player streamed Call Of Duty for his audience.

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Call Of Duty Mobile has gained a huge number of users in India and plans to establish a niche market for Indians.

MortaL has recently achieved 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel SouL MortaL. Several PUBG Mobile players and streamers congratulated him for this achievement. He celebrated his success by cutting a cake with his close friends and family members. In a recent update, Team SouL and 8Bit will possibly have their own boot camp.

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Call Of Duty Mobile has developed special mechanics in the game for Indians.

During the live stream, MortaL was joined by his PUBG Mobile teammates where they tried the game for the very first time. Being a very fast-paced game, Mathur applauded the developers for making a mobile game that will have a huge future in India. He also pointed out that several features in the game are interesting and make Call Of Duty Mobile a challenging game.

"The developers of the game should boost its reach by organizing more such tournaments in India. We would like to be its part and play the game", said Mathur. He streamed the game for a couple of times but his audience being glued to PUBG Mobile continued to discourage him from playing Call Of Duty Mobile. But keeping his calm throughout the stream, Mathur continued to entertain his audience and spreading positive vibes by urging the audience to try the game once to understand the experience of the fast-paced game.