Being a free-to-play game, PUBG Mobile encounter a common problem that other shooter games have, cheaters. While the developer has been trying really hard to take care of this problem, it is truly a hard task as cheat software keeps evolving to bypass the anti-cheat system. The PUBG Mobile community is really upset about this matter as there are so many cheaters in the game.

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Some people claimed that their account was banned for no reason

However, there is one other problem that is even more serious than cheaters. In the fight against cheaters, PUBG Mobile seems to have falsely banned innocent players who didn't cheat and even have spent thousands of dollars on the game.

Pubgm Anti Hack Message From Dev Report Hackers 0
Cheater gets a kill without even having the sight of the other player

These people have brought their stories to social media channels such as Reddit and Facebook and received lots of attention from the community. These stories create even more mistrust and distance between the community and the developer.

Today, PUBG Mobile released a video on their YouTube channel to clear up about all the misunderstandings about false bans and reveal the true face of all those cheaters who pretended to be innocent.

The developer uncovers a new cheating method that cheaters use to avoid the anti-cheat-software. The cheater played the game normally toward the end of the match and then switch to another phone to block the data submission and kill other players with his cheat software. He then finally switch back to his original phone to make everything look normal.

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Cheaters always find a new method to avoid getting banned

It is the fact that PUBG Mobile has a lot of cheaters. But players need to be more understanding as it is just an unavoidable problem as cheaters can always create a new account and start cheating again after being banned. The developer is trying really hard to get rid of cheaters, but there isn't any way to get rid of all of them for good.