If there is one thing every PUBG Mobile player has in common, it is no one can will all the matches. Whether noob or master, no one can win chicken dinners every time they play. But the very best can do it so many times, it feels like they cannot lose at all.

pubg mobile chicken dinner
This is basically what every PUBG Mobile player wants to see at the end of a game

This makes you wonder if there's any secret to what the masters do. Do they spend days, months, or even years playing the game over and over? Just so they know every nook and cranny of the maps they play and where to get the best loot? Or do they focus on honing their skills and getting them sharp as quickly as possible?

The answer is undoubtedly the second one. Here are five shooting skills that you need to practice and get really good at before you can begin reaching the level of a PUBG Mobile master:

Fast finger-switching

This skill is pretty apparent for most of us but it's important to go over anyway. If you have played dozens of rounds of PUBG Mobile by now and still struggle with getting the controls right, then it's bad news. Not mastering how and when your character moves and shoots can never earn you a chicken dinner except in very rare cases.

pubg mobile finger switch
Accessories can help a bunch if you want to spend some money

While it may be tough to use all the touch buttons as if there were just one, but it is the most crucial skill to be a PUBG Mobile master. Keep learning to switch between them quickly. Also you can even customize where to place the buttons to find your most comfortable range.

Think before you shoot

PUBG Mobile masters do not immediately fire upon any enemy player they see. Too often do we see players in team or solo matches getting trigger-happy if they detect any kind of movement. You won't ever master the game playing like that.

pubg mobile 1 vs 4
Coming out on top in a 1 vs 4 situation is cool, but not sustainable

Instead, when you think you've spotted someone, always be on the lookout for more of their teammates just in case. Then, you should take cover somewhere the enemy cannot see you even if the map can tell the direction of where the shooting comes from. And before the enemy knows it, their PUBG Mobile game would've already ended.

The 10-meter shot

PUBG Mobile players often use the training ground before a whole half-hour match begins. Most use it to kill time by blowing sh*t up and practicing their sniping "skill" that they hardly ever do in a real game. A wise player would use that time period to practice relevant skills like the 10-meter shot.

pubg mobile close range
This makes you look cool, but it doesn't happen very often

For this one, you need to keep practicing moving and shooting at something about 10 meters away. This is extremely helpful as most of the enemy encounters in the game are this close only. Also, most weapons in the game from machine guns to pistols perform well at this range. And of course, move n' shoot is an essential skill in any shooter game.

Don't forget to jump

Jumping in combat is another important skill worth mastering. You should practice it the same as moving and shooting, with the only difference being the jump button of course.

pubg mobile jump shoot
Do the jump shot well and the enemy stands "no chance"

In close combat, the enemy likes to zigzag from side to side while shooting at you, trying to hit you that way. Now if you can counter that with jumping and shooting, it would decrease their accuracy even more. They also have to try to hit a jumping opponent which doesn't happen often, so your chances of surviving combat are even greater.

...and crouch

Another effective way to make the enemy confused and annoyed some more is crouching and shooting. By moving from side to side while crouch, you make it even harder for them to hit you than just normal movements. You would also increase your headshot protection, so even better!

pubg mobile crouch shoot
There are additional guides out there to master these essential shooting skills

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