While PUBG Mobile’s main mode is Battle Royale, it has been gathering traction by releasing side modes in the arcade section for players who are craving for something new outside of the usual gist. Amongst all those modes, Team Deathmatch seems to be the most popular one.


The main selling point of this mode is its fast-paced adrenaline-fueled battle – a single match would take about 8 minutes, with the first team that scores forty kills wins. Below are the five useful tricks that would definitely be able to help you improve your general performance in the match, which in turn leads to a better K/D ratio.

1 – To start the match, it is best to attack one flank and take control of it. In order to do that, you should save a grenade for suspicious corners that enemies often hide inside. Afterward, either camp inside it yourself or continue to push forward.

Pubg Mobile 4v4 Deathmatch 10 770x1440

2 – Always be on the move. After clearing out a few kills on your own side, take a glance at the other side of the battlefield and assist your teammates if possible. Constantly moving would also throw your enemy off your position.

3 – Pick a weapon you are comfortable with. There are four different combinations that you could choose from. However, it is best that you just pick the easiest one to use then switch as the match progresses.

Pubg Mobile Team Deathmatch Screen 01

4 – Try to always aim for the head in 1vs1 fights. This might sound redundant, but people very often panic and hit the body instead. Crouch and prone also improve your chances on 1v1 as well, as those positions reduce the size of your profile.

Pubg Mobile Death Mode 1

5 – Lastly, it is important that you change your playstyle based on what is happening in the game. Alter your loadout based on the current situation instead of using the same one.

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